Index of Police Constables listed in Police Orders of 1868.

The following index was constructed from Police orders of 1st August 1868, 17th October 1868 and 24th October 1868. The original documents are held at the Public Record Office, Kew. The reference number is MEPO/7/30.

The Police Orders for these dates list the Class Advancements of Police Constables. They are limited in that only the surname is given, but Warrant Numbers and the Division (area) where posted are also provided. The tables within these documents show that there were some 5813 Constables in October 1868, this index contains 1813 of them, just under 1/3.

Records of Metropolitan Police Constables, held at Kew, cover a period from the formation of the Force to within fifty years ago (there is a 50 years closure period). However, there is a gap between April 1857 and 1878 where no records seem to have survived, or at least been found. This of course is the period that these Orders fall into.

However, it can still be possible to trace Constables who joined between these date. Records survive for those who retired or died in Service. More details on Police records including the Divisions can be found at the PRO web site Metropolitan Police (London): Records of Service. And at Police: Ancestors in the Police

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