Cars for Need for speed High Stakes and skins for Insane off road  game.
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Merry Christmas Everybody!.
Work on my cars has slowed down to almost a stop these days im afraid. :-(
a few links fixed up tho, the RX-2 should be available to download now hopefully, and the HSV GTS should be available again soon.
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20 December 2002
Need For Speed HS Cars
Insane Skins
Another car done! this car is one of my best cars released so far, although a little bit odd ball,with all the other 70's cars i have made so far : P, stll very nice, with full 3d wheels and body, download now from aussiemuscle.
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02 May 2002
Aussie Muscle
NFS Design
new download available soon
1nsane World
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Email: evoness@hotmail.com
this lil pic might be of some use,if someone wants to link to my website.
Well this place aint quite dead yet,: P another car finally released, the Mazda RX-2 is finished, and will be avaiable on my page at aussie muscle soon, (no more webspace left,to upload it here) : (
10 April 2002
Download now fixed
Well, every thing seams to be fixed again now,so anyone wanting the Cortina can go get it now
19 December 2001
Grrr.damn,seams as tho ive already run out of webspace,and aussiemucle appears to be down :( so i'll clean up some webspace and upload it asap.and start looking for a sever with more room aswell ;)
17 December 2001
Finally,an update!,not much but it is something,well the cortina is ready for download,as you can see, I made my self a wee logo,um an thats about it.:( progress on my cars is going very slow.
oh yeh,and as you can see below weve got a new car to replace the old sqished one. ;)
17 December 2001