Ok it's that time again. Time for the third EWCL HOLY SHIT AWARDS. The third, yes the third Holy Shit Awards already. Will it be the last Holy Shit Awards? We don't know. At the moment there is alot of talks aobut a possible merger. A merger that has way more advantages than disadvantages. However the majority is mostly against mergers in general since they believe that the identity of the company will be lost. That doesn't have to be the case though......but anyway this is not the time nor the place to go discussing that. I know what you want......What does everybody want?......HOLY SHIT AWARDS!!....And thats what you are gonna get now. I could go and give another one of those introductions that I usually did when the Awards are around, but hey its mostly the same every year anyway. I go saying that efedding and EWCL is a great hobby, that I enjoy it and that it makes me feel good inside (ahum:) ) that others have fun in competing in the EWCL and being a part of it and having fun. Even though there are probably weeks when only 10 people read the full results, I still have fun in it. And as long as it stays that way, its fine by me. Some question probly why I am still at this. Why does a guy who's older than most people in the efedbusiness, who's got a job and lives together with his girlfriend have the time to run an efed. Well, like I said before, its a hobby. Its a way to relieve stress so to say. Stress from work, stress from everyday live. Next to that it's not that I spent series of hours during the week on the EWCL. Its mostly only Sunday when I am focussed on that. But I am starting to ramble here......What does everybody wants? ....HOLY SHIT AWARDS!!......That was it for my little personal introduction. Now we can begin.

Now were up to the "HOLY SHIT" EWCL Awards of the year. I decided the winners, but I also took your thoughts into consideration. In the end though I decided who got the wins. So I hope you can respect my opinions here and are not gonna give me that "Hey why didn't I win"!!" stuff?

And the winners are......

Best Finisher of the year: DEICIDE
Second year in a row that Scott Monroe's finisher wins this category. I am pretty sure that Deicide is feared by almost everyone in the EWCL. Mostly when they see Deicide, that means that the match is gonna be over 3 seconds later. However!!...A big however...At Havoc 3 it was Sean Corvik who was the first man in the EWCL to kick out of the Deicide.....All hail Corvik!!........Nevertheless Deicide wins this award big time.
Winner 2002: Deicide
Winner 2001: The Revelation

Woman of the year: Jezebelle
A difficult category to say the least. We didn't really have that many women in the EWCL over the last year. There were Racheal Everhart, Jezebelle, Jessica, Silva, Laura, Rylee Gold, Nova, Blaise Martelle.. etc.......Ok, we did have some women in the EWCL. But it can be said though that not everyone made as much impact as the other one. Considering everything Jezebelle is the one who deserves to win this award. She was in the EWCL the longest and she had to suffer alot to be that close to Sean Corvik. So MacBeths sister Jezebelle (and then to believe that at first I thought that she was MacBeths lover....but hey anything can happen in the EWCL) wins this one.
Winner 2002: Justine
Winner 2001: Lydia

Freakiest gimmick of the year: Arcane
The winner is Arcane.....or as Stephen Jackson named it "that Arcane bullshit". Hey what can I say. The Arcane was at one time or the other part of Sean Corvik, Scott Monroe and Exile. The Arcane had its effect on them, but also on the entire roster. The Arcane was pure evil.....but I'll stop now, since Corvik and Monroe can give a much better discreption of the Arcane.
Winner 2002: Arcane Syth
Winner 2001: The Flashmaster

Worst Wrestler of the year: Coby Belton
Last year I dropped this category since it was disrespectful towards the wrestlers. Now I don't know wether or not to hand out this award or not. Ok, I decided to do it, since I know that the person who (according to the voters should win this) probly will be even proud of it........The guy with one of the best gimmicks that I have ever seen......"Soda Boy" (He was a Soda Boy, she said I will dew you boy" Avril Lavigne's "Skater Boy")........"Son"......"Where's the Chicks?"........."Let's Dew her"..........Coby Belton!!.....Congratulations son, you deserve it....
Winner 2002: --
Winner 2001: Blade (the first Blade).

Best commentator of the year: Neil Down
Three years in a row!!! Can you believe it? Neil Down wins this award for a record amount of three times in a row. Neil Down is still Neil Down. He never changes, and it even seems that he gets ruder and ruder over the years. Neil is fun, Neil is rude, Neil is a sexist....What more do you want?.....Anyway, I am seriously thinking of putting a "Neil Downs Quote of the week" on the website. I think I am gonna do that.
Winner 2002: Neil Down
Winner 2001: Neil Down

Columnist of the year: The Inside Scoop
Not many to choose from here. About the only column that we have seen over the last year was "The Inside Scoop". So automatically the award goes to this column. Its been a while since we had an Inside Scoop on the boards though. Anyway it's still unclear who the real writer of the inside scoop is....Mwuhahahahaaaa...........Ok, but anyway if people are intrested in writing a column then let me know.
Winner 2002: Ray Ramon
Winner 2001: Mike Summers

Best Valet of the year: Peter Tiger
This is sofar the first award where I am not going for what you voted for on the OOC board. I am going for Peter Tiger here, since I think that Tiger had a good contribution to Nick Dangerous his work. Where would Nick be without Peter Tiger? Well he would probly feel much better.......But the fact is that the winners of this award over the last two years have been Paco and Roadblock. In my eyes Peter Tiger is a worthy name to join them.
Winner 2002: Roadblock
Winner 2001: Paco

Best Prime Time Title holder of the year: Aaron Gold
Not so hard to pick this one. Aaron Gold held the Prime Time Title two times. He defeated Chazz Mendel on two occasions to capture the title. Aaron held on to the title until his retirement match against Scott Monroe which he lost in a Hell in the Cell match.
Winner 2002: Marcus Babylon
Winner 2001: Dan Prohibition

Best Extreme Title holder of the year: Sean Corvik
Sean Corvik is the holder of the Extreme title ever since the 16th of February. Thats over 7 months that he already got that title in his possession. Need I say more? I don't think so.......but I am gonna do it anyway.......Some might say that Corvik never had many worthy opponents who challenged him for the title. That might be the case, but he still had plenty of title defenses against wrestlers who he destroyed in the ring in his own style.
Winner 2002: Strait Hate
Winner 2001: Joe Johnson

Best EWCL Title holder of the year: G-Flem
It went between two men in this category. Either G-Flem or Nick Dangerous had to win this award. In my opinion G-Flem deserves this title more, since he really put his mark on that title and he gave it alot of credibility back. The EWCL title is a big title in this federation. G-Flem put himself on the map and in the history books of the EWCL when he won the title at April Fools Fight. He lost it to Nick Dangerous after an amazing feud at Dangerous Minds.
Winner 2002: Joe Johnson
Winner 2001: Fazzer

Best Universal Title holder of the year: Scott Monroe
Scott Monroe was the Universal Champion for 6 months in a row. He did have alot of hard matches though to hang on to his title. Remember the 6 men Hell in the Cell at Christmas in Hell, or his Iron Man match with Nick Dangerous at April Fools Fight. He had way more hard battles, but he always was on top after the final bell rung. Monroe never even lost the Universal Title in the ring. He got stripped off the title after he stabbed Drake Laps (RIP) his eye out. (The left eye you know, since they always work on the left bodypart in wrestling).
Winner 2002: Sean Corvik
Winner 2001: The Rage

Hardcore Wrestler of the year: Sean Corvik
Some list we got here huh.....Joe Johnson...Strait Hate.....and now Sean Corvik. Wouldn't you want to see a hardcore battle between those three? I know I would......Add Dan Prohibition and Johnathan Cable to that and you will have the bloodiest match in history........Well Strait is in retirement....Joe Johnson is in the IWF......and Dan Prohibition is selling it's not bound to happen soon......But you never know in the EWCL.......Ok, anyway like I said before Corvik showed alot of agression this year, especially the last couple of months. Its more than normal that Corviks opponents leave the ring in a bloody pulp.
Winner 2002: Strait Hate
Winner 2001: Joe Johnson

Highflyer of the year: Chazz Mendel
Can I do it? Can I?.....Yes I can. I am going to give this Award to Chazz Mendel, the current champion in the IWF. Chazz was one of the few highflyers that we had over the last year. Ofcourse we had Drake Laps, but Chazz showed more than Drake in the last year. Moves like The Fated Circle brought Chazz this award. Meanwhile Chazz has improved himself even more and passed the highflyer status and became a full allround wrestler/champion.
Winner 2002: Drake Laps
Winner 2001: --

Best PPV of the year: Christmas in Hell 2002
This year its not Havoc that wins this thing. This time it goes to Christmas in Hell 2002. A big contribution why they won this award was ofcourse the 6 men Hell in the Cell match. What do you expect with Scott Monroe, Sean Corvik, Exile, Chazz Mendel, Chris Christ and Nick Dangerous in one match, trapped in a cell. That truly was a classic. However one match doesn't make a good PPV. But the fact that we also had great matches like Chazz Mendel vs. Matty Midget and a hardcore massacre between Dan Prohibition and Strait Hate made this PPV worth the money. So it seems that Christmas in Hell has surpassed Havoc now as the biggest PPV of the year. Christmas in Hell 2003 will take place on December your tickets now!!
Winner 2002: Havoc 2
Winner 2001: Havoc

Best Tagteam of the year: New Breed (Johnathan Cable/Aaron Gold)
Father: Tagteams.
Son: What are tagteams daddy?
Father: Son, a tagteam is a team of two wrestlers, who have matches against other teams.
Son: Wow, that sounds cool. Can I see a tagteam daddy?
Father: No, you can't.
Son: Why not?
Father: There aren't any tagteams around anymore son. They are extinct just like the dinosaurs.
Son: Nooooo!! *cries* Make them come back, daddy.....please.....*cries*

Ok, ok, thats maybe a little too much overexaggareted. The fact still is though that we didn't have many tagteams over the last year. That was also the reason why we had that "EWCL Tag" show a while back. It were Corvik and MacBeth who won that EWCL tag tournament, but all in all this award has to go to Johnathan Cable and Aaron Gold. They showed that they were a good team and they were proud of their tagtitles. Its not their fault that there weren't any other teams to challenge them.
Winner 2002: New Evolution (Cable/Mystic)
Winner 2001: Society's Rejection

Best Stable of the year: The New Royal Family
The first Royal Family was good. There was Sean Corvik, Joe Johnson, Exile, Shane Johnson and Tony DeLucci. But the second coming was even better. The New Royal Family was nearly perfect. Sean Corvik, Scott Monroe, MacBeth and Exile as one team. Now thats what I call a stable. Unfortunately for them they went into war together. Other stables we had were ofcourse Dangerism and The New Breed.
Winner 2002: The Executive
Winner 2001: The Royal Family

Newcomer of the year: Logan Darkholme
There were some votes for Scott Monroe in this category. Although Monroe hasn't even been in the EWCL for over a year, I don't rate him as a newcomer. Thats why this award goes to someone else. The award goes to someone who only recently entered the federation. It goes to Logan Darkholme who already won the Universal Title after only a few weeks in the EWCL. We can expect more of this young fellow in the future.
Winner 2002: Chris Christ
Winner 2001: --

Heel of the year: Exile
What is it with Exile and power? Why does he always wants to take over other people's companies? Why is it? Dammit...why is it!!?!?!.....Anyway, Exile won this award in 2001 and now he's back to winning this award again. Exile said it himself. He not only wanted to take over the EWCL and sell it.....but he also has been manipulating Sean Corvik for years. The entire Family and Corviks life turned out to be a facade, entirely planned out by Exile. Thats all in one word.....EVIL.......INDEED!!......Nick Dangerous gets the second place for best Heel.
Winner 2002: Cazzo
Winner 2001: Exile

Face of the year: Cazzo
From Heel of the year in 2001 to Face of the year in 2002. Well I think this also has to do with it that there aren't that many faces. Well there are faces like Aaron Gold and G-Flem who did pretty well, but they haven't been in some of the major storylines. The return of Cazzo and Saphio at HE(RO) was the start of Cazzo's face period. His feud with Exile and trying to save his federation also played part of it that Cazzo wins this title.
Winner 2002: Drake Laps
Winner 2001: Dan Prohibition

Storyline of the year: Exile/Cazzo, Exile trying to takeover the EWCL
This has been an ongoing storyline for months and months. Actually there has been bad blood between Exile and Cazzo from the start that Exile entered the EWCL a few years ago. I know you all already know the story, ..but I just wanna tell it again dammit.....Exile broke Cazzo's leg which resulted in the end of Cazzo's wrestling career. He became the president and ever since Exile tried everything he could to end that. At first he became commissioner, but in the last year Exile took over. He turned Insurgence into RFTV, stabbed Cazzo in the leg, made him go paranoid and then Exile tried to sell the EWCL. All in all a very intresting and ongoing storyline.
Winner 2002: EWCL going bankrupt
Winner 2001: --

Best Feud of the year: The Royal Family explosion - Corvik/Monroe/Exile/MacBeth
History tells us that the best feuds are feuds when it concerns the best wrestlers in the business. Thats also the case this year. Without a doubt the best feud has been the one between the members of the Family. The mind games and actions between Exile, Sean Corvik, Scott Monroe and MacBeth didn't only lead to fascinating segments, confessions and conclusions. It also lead to amazing wrestling matches with the apotheosys at Havoc 3 where all four of them met eachother in a cage match. The Family definately exploded there for good. Other feuds that were great was Cazzo vs. Exile, Nick Dangerous vs. Scott Monroe and Nick Dangerous vs. G-Flem with Sean Campbell in the middle.
Winner 2002: Sean Corvik vs. Exile
Winner 2001: Alexander Glory vs. Sean Corvik

Best Match of the year: Nick Dangerous vs. Scott Monroe - Iron Man match - April Fools Fight
There have been alot of great matches in the EWCL over the last year. In my mind the best match of the year was the iron man match between Nick Dangerous and Scott Monroe. These two competitors went all the way in this 60 minute match. This match stayed fascinating from the first minute till the very last second. It was Monroe who got the win 2-1 in the last moments of that match. A nice detail is that Nick Dangerous has been the only person who managed to pin Monroe. A very good second in this category is the 6 men Hell in the Cell match at Christmas in Hell 2002. That was one awesome match. Furthermore the match that The Family had at Havoc 3.
Winner 2002: Exile vs. Sean Corvik "Brawl of the Mall" - Christmas in Hell 2001
Winner 2001: The Rage vs. Sean Corvik - Havoc

Best Wrestler of the year: Scott Monroe
Yes, Scott Monroe is the best wrestler of the year. I don't think that this comes as a surprise. Monroe won the Universal Title and held on to it for 6 months in a row. Monroe only got pinned once and that was during the Iron man match against Nick Dangerous (which he won 2-1). After been stripped off the Universal Title, he returned and beat Aaron Gold in a Hell in a Cell match to become the Prime Time Champion (which he still is today). Scott Monroe also won the IWF "End of Days" tournament not so long ago. Scott Monroe is on a mission to become a grand slammer. We'll see if he is able to do that...but we can truly say that Monroe really deserves the title .."Best wrestler of the year".
Winner 2002: Sean Corvik
Winner 2001: Sean Corvik

That's it. I hope you all enjoyed the past year in the EWCL and I hope you liked reading these awards.

Prez Cazzo