Listed here are some of the great champions and wrestlers that have had their share in the EWCL. In no particular order:

Will Fletcher He was the initiator and first Prez of the EWCL. Without him there wouldn't have been an EWCL. After he turned over the federation to Andrew Barrow, Fletch made a great return to the business with his UWA site, that unfortunately got hacked.
Super Trouper Almost won it all. He is a two time Universal Champion, an Internet Champion and a Tagteamchampion together with Vego and recently he gained the Hardcore Title. His feud with Punisher is legendary and The Punisher was also responsible for getting him arrested. But he returned after and left for good after he won the Universal Title for the second time.
Eric "Cazzo" Van Zandt Before he became the Prez he won the Hardcore Title in his second match in the EWCL. After he also managed to get the Universal Title. Since he's a Prez he doesn't step in the ring that often anymore.
Sparhawk Was a tagteamchampion as half of the Knights of Justice and Universal Champion at the same time. And leader of the first Ministry of Total Justice. Vacated both titles and left, but returned again in July.
Alexander Glory He was in the EWCL for more periods. During the first he just didn't made it to the Universal Title, but during his second period he won the main title and stayed undefeated for a record time. His feud with Kritical Kondition was one of the best ever in the EWCL and it was Kritical Kondition who beat him to capture the title. He came back for a third time, and during that short period he won the Prime Time Title by defeating Dan Prohibition. In the end of 2001 he returned as Arcane Syth and in february 2002 defeated Blade to win the Hardcore Title.
Sean Corvik Came to the EWCL as a member of the Royal Family. He also won a number of titles. First he won the Prime Time Title, after the tagtitles as Society's Rejection together with Joe Johnson. And after a big feud with Alexander Glory he won the Universal Title. Another memorable feud was the one he had with Ex-Terminator over Amy. At Survivor he captured the Internet Title has held it for a record time. During the Holy Shit awards, he won Best Wrestler of the Year award, won awards for being in the best stable and for being in the best tagteam of the year. He also was part of the best match of the year being KK's match against The Rage. The week after Christmas in Hell 2001 in which Exile threw him off a 30ft balcony, he beat that same Exile to win the Universal Title for the second time. Together with Dan Prohibition he also held the tagtitles for a while.
Saphio Wrestlings Funniest Man won the Hardcore Title on his first match in the EWCL. Later he lost it to Cazzo. It was Cazzo who he pinned months later to win the Universal Title. The forever face turned on The Punisher and Cazzo and on Christmas in Hell 2001 Saphio even won himself the Presidentship of the EWCL after beating Cazzo in a cagematch. Something tragic happend in the beginning of the new year. After trying to save The Punisher, Saphio got hit by a car and died in front of the EWCL building.
Fazzer The Dark One was Internet Champion for almost two months. He also had the honour to win the big Royal Rumble.
The Punisher Been part of the EWCL ever since late 2000. During this period he was a four time Prime Time Champion, Internet Champion and 2 time tagteamchampion. The first time together with Morning Star, the second time together with G-Flem. Like mentioned above his feud with Super Trouper was legendary. Punisher was first member and after leader of the Ministry of Total Justice, but then introduced the world to The Legion and fought against the good. At Wreckoning he had his biggest success. As a face again, he won the Universal Title by defeating The Rage.
Joe Johnson He was responsible for bringing the Royal Family to the EWCL. He was an undefeated Hardcore Champion and battled Dan Prohibition numerous times for that title. He won the tagtitles two times. One time as Society's Rejection together with Kritical Kondition and the other time together with Blade. During his second period in the EWCL Joe Johnson won the Internet Title and he did the same thing to this title as he did to the Hardcore Title and thats 'keep it for a record time'. After months and months off defending it, it was Chris Christ who eventually beat Joe Johnson for the Internet Title. Soon after Joe Johnson got suspended by Prez Cazzo.
Triple X AKA Prez Barrow. He took over as a Prez from Fletch, but soon handed the job over to Cazzo. Triple X was a former Universal Champion under a different name. And his feud with The Rage was a great one.
Peter Pan Did the most amazing thing to get the Hardcore Title as a jobber. First ever jobber to do that. Peter Pan rules!!!
The Rage Here are just a few reasons why The Rage Rick O'Connor is in the Hall of Fame. He is the longest reigning Universal Champion - 77 days. He's multi-time 'Annual EWCL Holy Shit Award' Winner - 'Best Finisher', 'Best Universal Title Holder', Headlined 'Best Pay-Per-View', Involved in 'Best Match'. He defeated the best wrestlers in the EWCL at the time - Kritical Kondition, Danny Christ, Exile, Dan Prohibition. Won the Tag Titles along with Dan Prohibition. He was the popular man in the EWCL for his tenure. In the end he was screwed out of the Universal Title by Prez Cazzo and got fired.
Dan Prohibition "The Hardcore Saint" and "The Ultraviolent Star" are only two names that speak for most of Dan Prohibitions career. He changed the EWCL with his hardcore style and his hardcore matches. In the beginning of his career he had a legendary feud with Joe Johnson and after a couple of losses he did manage to defeat his all time rival in a barbewired lader match. Dan held several titles. He gave credibility back to the Prime Time Title as he held it for a few months. He also won the tagtitles. He first did that together with The Rage and after he held those tagtitles as part of Saint & Sinner with Sean Corvik. Prohibition also held the Hardcore Title, although his reign never lasted for long. After changing into "The Holy Saint" Daniel, he mostly feuded with MacBeth and with Arcane Syth.
Exile When you think of Exile Chris Lemke you think of many things. In no particular order you think of: The Royal Family, funny man, Roadblock, The Narrator, the Goldfish, Pikachu, Commissioner, Internet Champion, Universal Champion, need I say more. Exile had a few legendary feuds. First off there was the feud he had with Prez Cazzo. It all started when Exile broke Cazzo's right leg and more or less ended Cazzo's wrestling career. Later the two did step in the ring and Exile won the cagematch and became the Commissioner. The first time he became the Commissioner Exile used every power he had to capture the Internet Title and to hold it for as long as possible. His other big feud is probly one of the most legendary the EWCL has ever seen. I'm talking about his feud with former Royal Family partner Sean Corvik. At Christmas in Hell 2001 Exile threw Corvik off a 30ft. balcony. Corvik even flatlined after that fall, but he returned and the week after he put Exile in The Darkest Hour for a record time and Exile landed in a coma in which he stayed for about a month. But being a true wrestler, Exile returned to the ring and stepped in the ring with Corvik several times. Exile became the Universal Champion after defeating The Punisher and Mystic in October 2001. The last match of his career was also against Corvik. It was on Deliverance during the first ever EWCL Dungeon match. It was bloody and exciting but unfortunately for Chris Lemke he didn't win in his retirement match.