Statistics update - 27/11/03 The Statistics have been updated. The final standings. Some intresting things on there.

The Final Chapter Results and more..... - 23/11/03 The Final Chapter Results have been posted. It has been a great final EWCL show. So everyone should definately check them out. ....Furthermore I want to say that within a couple of days that this site will probably will be removed from fedhead, since we are gonna use the same webspace for the PWR. But not to worry, tomorrow I will put the entire EWCL website back on geocities. ( And the site is gonna stay there. I will also see to it that I will update the history, the statistics and the Hall of Fame pages of the website. So I urge you all to already bookmark or write down the geocities url, because I can't tell at this moment at what moment and time the EWCL will be removed from fedhead. More possible updates can also be read on our OOC board and the IWF forums.

The Final Chapter Card - 16/11/03 The Final Chapter Card has been posted.

Insurgence Results - 16/11/03 The Insurgence Results have been posted.

Dazed and Confused Results - 19/10/03 The Dazed and Confused Results have been posted.

Holy Shit Awards 2003 - 20/09/03 The Holy Shit Awards 2003 have just been posted. Click the link in the right side and find out who won what.