(The lights go out, there's a big bang and on the titantron TOUGH LOVE!!! appears, followed by clips of Universal Champion Kritical Kondition, The Legion Leader The Punisher and Super Trouper. The three people in the main event. After that clips are seen of The Rage and Triple X followed by scenes from Exile and Prez Cazzo himself!!! That are only a few clips that are seen on the titantron. All superstars who involved in tonights action packed programm appear on the screen and the crowd only does one thing. And thats GO WILD!!!!! The sold out arena in Houston is going bananas, they are screaming their longs out and await this PPV to start. The lights turn on again and the camera focusses right away on the outside of the arena).

(The camera pans about the well-lit parking lot below the auditorium as a large black limousine pulls in. The numberplate reads 'XXX-Rated', and as the vehicle pulls up an arena staff member races to the door and pulls it open, standing aside. The camera moves around to get a better view as the 'One Man Rampage' Triple X and his new-found ally Achilles step out, gym backs slung over shoulders and bottles of water in their hands.)

(Achilles nods to the kid with the door, who stammers that 'Mr Cazzo' is waiting to see them in his office. Triple X gives the kid a shove, sending him sprawling onto the concrete. The pair laugh as they head past the camera and towards the locker room.)

(In the distance and out of shot, Achilles is heard to say, 'We may need an escort out of this building after we pull what we're going to here tonight.' Triple X's laughter fades with the scene.)

(The screen fades to black and right after we see EWCL's commentators John Pilchard and Neil Down).

John Pilchard: Triple X and Achilles have arrived and TOUGH LOVE HAS BEGUN!!!!! This is it!! This is the night we all have been waiting for, its the highlight of the month June already and we aren't even halfway in that month. We have no less than 7 matches here tonight. Seven matches on this PPV. I lost count, how many ppv's did we have this year sofar Neil?

Neil Down: You asking me? You want me to start thinking right away after seeing all these people?

JP: Ahh nevermind Neil. I'll do the thinking myself then, as usual. Let me see, we had Beware The Whispers, we had End of Days, we had Family Values and now its TOUGH LOVE TIME!!!!

ND: And like you said we have 7 matches and some matches, oh goody! The triangle match for the Universal Title is the main event of the evening. Raining champ Kritical Kondition is gonna step in the ring with the leader of the Legion The Punisher and bad-ass criminal Super Trouper.

JP: You sure you would say something about Super Trouper? Remember what you were doing to Invader a little while ago?

ND: Ah don't sweat man. Its not like Super Trouper is listening, he's too busy with his Laura. It even cost him his match last week. And remember Invader, didn't even lay a hand on me, he knew I wasn't a match for him and so does Super Trouper.

JP: I wouldn't go there if I was you, Neil.

ND: Shss John. Now another main event match, coz we sorta got three main event matches. Is The Rage versus Triple X. I think we all still have in our mind what has been going on over the last few weeks involving these two men and also involving Achilles. I must say that when Achilles and Triple X beat up The Rage, it was one of the highlights I have seen lately.

JP: You must be joking Neil!! You can't be serious about that. The Rage is a true athlete and those two just sadistically beat him up and then just last week they ran away like two little cowards.

ND: Like I said, it was a highlight.

JP: Man, Neil. Well let me continue. Don't forget about our cage match between Exile and Prez Cazzo. Holy shit, thats gonna be a clash, they finally face eachother. Besides that we are also gonna see how Tony Canon is gonna defend his Internet Title against Morning Star and how Dan Prohibition is gonna defend his Prime Time Title against Freak Destroyer Cerberus. And ofcourse we get the match in which Tony DeLucci is gonna fight another former Royal Family friend, Shane Johnson.

Hardcore Battle Royal - Hardcore Title

ND: But we are gonna start of with a hardcore Battle royal for the Hardcore Title. Well Battle Royal is a big word actually. There are only 4 people competing in this match, so can't really call it a battle royal. It are just gonna be 4 people in the ring and who gets the pin wins. Simple as that.

JP: Those 4 people are The Perfectionist, Ex-Terminator, Dawg Fase and The Mauler. Now lets get this match started then.

(The lights go out and a couple of seconds later the lights come on again. We don't hear any music, but we see that all 4 competitors are already getting it on. The 4 fight their way over to the ring. Perfectionist and Mauler handing out punches and Ex-T and Dawg Fase are doing the same thing. After a minute they all reach the ring and this match can officially start).

ND: Ok, thats some beginning here. Oh and don't forget that we might see some teamwork here. Remember that Mauler and Dawg Fase are part of the Legion and that the Perfectionist and Ex-T more or less joined forces a few weeks ago when they attack the Family.

JP: Thats true allright. But now let us focus on the match. Perfectionist and Mauler still going after eachother. It is Mauler who hands out a big right one now and that takes Perfectionist down to the mat. Mauler slides to the outside and from under the ring he grabs a kendo stick and a traffic sign. He throws the traffic sign over to Dawg Fase who catches it. Mauler keeps the kendo stick for himself. Mauler rolls back into the ring and goes over to Perfectionist again. Mauler picks him up, but ooh low blow.

ND: Yep, he is gonna need some viagra for later tonight I reckon.

JP: Dawg got a hold of that traffic sign and he ramms it into Ex-Ts head several times. Bamm, bamm, bammm. But the big guy doesn't go down. Unbelievable! Dawg is also standing there like, what the hell. Why doesn't he go down. Dawg now bounces in the ropes, comes back and performs a flying forearm and uses that traffic sign. And this finally takes Ex-T down to the mat. Dawg then climbs on the second turnbuckle and does an elbow drop on Ex-T.

ND: On the other side we see that Perfectionist now grabbed that kendo stick and he uses it on Mauler. He hits him in the midsection with it and follows that up with a knee to the face. Perfectionist goes for another hit with that kendo stick, this time on the head, but Mauler blocks it and hands out a big punch followed by a clothesline. Mauler quickly grabs the kendo stick and nails Perfectionist numerous times with it now. Man, Legion is on top in this match now.

JP: Mauler and Dawg now both grab Perfectionist and send him in the ropes, he comes back and ooh double clothesline by the Legion members. Now they want to do the same thing to Ex-T. They pick him up and whip him in the ropes, Ex-T comes back and oooh ducks under the arms, comes back from the ropes once more and yeahhhhhh he double clotheslines Dawg Fase and Mauler to the mat. Ex-T takes a few breathes and then picks Mauler up and throws him to the outside and rolls to the outside aswell.

ND: Ex-T grabs Maulers head and walks over to the ringpost and whack!!! That was the sound of Maulers head colliding with the steelringpost. Ex-T now whips Mauler into the guardrail and he charges in right after, but oooh Mauler lifts his leg up and Ex-T flies in headfirst. Mauler climbs on the guardrail, but before he can jump off, Ex-T gets back up and sweeps his leg and Mauler lands balls first on the guardrail. Oooh yep really gonna need viagra. haha.

JP: In the ring Perfectionist and Dawg Fase are getting it on now. Perfectionist is using the kendo stick and Dawg grabbed the traffic sign. BANGGG!! Perfectionist just hit with the kendo stick on the traffic sign. Oooh Dawg counters with a spear that takes his opponent down. Dawg grabs Perfectionists his head and gives him a headbut. Dawg then back to his feet and he also slides to the outside and from under the ring he grabs a table. Dawg sets the table up on the outside now.

ND: Dawg slides back in and he picks Perfectionist up, but Perfectionist counters with a kick to the gut and a ddt. The ddt landed right on the traffic sign. I think there goes Dawg's plan. Perfectionist now sends Dawg in the corner and charges in right after and splashes on top of him and follows that up with handing out several punches to the face. Perfectionist then picks Dawg up and he lifts him on the topturnbuckle. He climbs on aswell and both men on the topturnbuckle now. Perfectionist now wants to superplex Dawg into the ring.

JP: But he can't seem to do it, and oooh Dawg punches him in the face now and wait. WOWWW!!! Dawg hooks in a superplex himself now!!!! And OOOOH a superplex to the outside and they fly right through that table that was setup on the outside!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOH MYYYYY GODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! DID you see that!!!!!! That was awesome!!! But I don't think anyone is getting up from that quickly.

ND: Camera focusses now on Ex-T and Mauler again. In the meantime Mauler got back up again. And he and Ex-T are handing out right hands once again. Ex-T now uses his elbow and bamm right into Mauler's face!! Ex-T now goes over to the spanish announcetable and climbs on it. He then jumps off for a double axehandle. But Mauler anticipates to it and superkicks Ex-T right in the kisser!!!! Mauler on top again now!! Mauler looks under the ring again and he takes a steelchain out of there. He goes back to Ex-T and oooh he is choking Ex-T with that chain now!!!

JP: Ex-T isn't getting any air now!! Somebody stop that man!!! Mauler continues to choke Ex-T with that steelchain. But after about 25 seconds, Ex-T delivers a elbow out of nowhere and Mauler lets go of the chokehold. Ex-T really gasping for air now, but Mauler doesn't give him the chance to recuperate. Mauler wraps the chain around his fist and ramms it into's Ex-T's head. OOoh man Ex-T is busted open now!!!

ND: We also see that Dawg is getting back to his feet now, he picks Perfectionist up and rolls him back into the ring. Dawg slides in after and grabs Perfectionist by the head and wowwww K911 out of nowhere!!! Dawg executed his finisher move here!!!! He is going for the cover now. On the outside we see that Mauler hits Ex-T again with that chain around his fist and Ex-T is knocked down to the concrete floor.

JP: Back to the ring. Dawg for the cover. 1...........2.............3.............yessss Dawg Fase is the new Hardcore Champion!!! What a surprise!!!! Unbelievable!!!

(But then Damned if I do starts to play and Prez Cazzo comes walking out. He is shaking his head on the way to the ring. He asks the mic from Jay Blue and then slides in the ring and begins to talk).

Prez Cazzo: No, no Dawg, better get your hands down now. What I got to say is simple and short. I have decided that only for one night we have the 24/7 rule for the Hardcore Title!!! So Dawg better be aware, hahaha. Thank you.

(Prez Cazzo drops the mic and leaves ringside again)

JP: Wow some announcement.

ND: We see that Dawg is standing in the middle of the ring now. But we also see that Mauler rolls himself in the ring now and he comes up from behind Dawg Fase. Mauler still got the chain wrapped around his fist. He is standing right behind Dawg now. He pads him on the back, Dawg turns around and WHAMMMM!!!!! Mauler nails him with the chain wrapped fist!!!! And Dawg goes down!!! Mauler for the cover now. 1.............2...............3............yessssss Mauler is the new Hardcore Champ. And may I add, The best damn Hardcore Champion this fed has ever seen.

JP: What a surprise Mauler nailed his own Legion teammate!!! What does that mean????

(We see that Mauler quickly slides out of the ring, grabs the hardcore belt and runs out of there!!)

JP: So I guess this ain't over yet. Mauler needs to defend this title all night now!!!

(Then commercials start)

Winner: The Mauler

Shane Johnson vs. Tony DeLucci

JP: Now we are gonna see something special. Former Royal Family member is taking one another former friend and member. This time its Shane Johnson. What a history do they got and what a fight its gonna be here tonight.

ND: Well are you sure we are gonna have a fight here tonight?

JP: Why do you say that?

ND: Hmm, just a thought actually. Coz both have been avoiding the house shows all week.

JP: They probly were concentrating on this match here Neil. Don't conclude the worst right away.

ND: Well at least I am realistic and don't live in a dream world like you.

JP: What?? What was that?

ND: Did I say that outloud?

JP: Yes, you did.

ND: Damn!!

JP: Yeah nice going Neil. But lets get this match started.

ND: Yeah your famous words.

JP: Neil!!!

(The lights go out and Papercut starts to play. Shane's music. But noone is coming out. Again the music starts to play but noone is coming out).

ND: I told you. But noo, you wouldn't believe me.

JP: There must be an explanation here.

(Then DeLucci's music starts to play. But once again noone is coming out.).

ND: Do I need to say more?

JP: No, nevermind that Neil. You know, I think they probly are fighting it out in an empty warehouse or in a dark alley. There has to be an explanation.

ND: No, Scully, no explanation this time. Just go to commercials people!!

(Commercials start).

Winner: No contest

(We come back from commercials and the camera is focussing on the lockkerroom of Lydia. Just like every female Lydia, the girlfriend of Dan Prohibition, has an own lockkerroom. The camera zooms in on a note that is sticked to her door. Just at that moment Lydia and Dan come walking by as Lydia still had to get something out of her room. Lydia sees the note and is shocked right away. Dan also reads the note and seconds after he grabs the note and wrapps it up and throws it to the ground. Dan takes Lydia by the arm and they walk away. The camera man then picks up the wrapped up note and unwraps it. He then zooms in on the note and we see that the note says: SOON..........BE THERE............BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

The camera then fades out).

JP: What was that about? What could that mean?

ND: I have no idea. Maybe its from someone who wants to get back at Lydia, I don't know.


Dan Prohibition(c) vs. Freak Destroyer Cerberus - Prime Time Title

JP: After what we just saw I wonder if Dan can concentrate good on this match. But he probly will be, coz he is a good professional, although it is likely he is gonna worry about Lydia.

ND: Well I may have a solution there. There is still room on my lap here, so she can sit right here!!

JP: Neil!!!! You don't want to get another complaint about sexual harassment don't you??


JP: Thats what I thought.

(Highway to hell by AC/DC starts to play and Freak Destroyer Cerberus comes walking out. He makes his way to the ring and enters it).

(One step closer starts to play and Dan Prohibition comes walking out. He is escorted by Lydia and Dan got the Prime Time belt around his belt and his trademark staplegun in his right hand. They walk to the ring and then Dan slides in. The ref is going over to Dan right away and tells him that he has to get rid of that staplegun as it is an illegal object. Dan hesitates for a sec, but then hands it over to Lydia. The ref explains the rules one more time and then the match can begin).

JP: Dan and Cerberus stare at eachother for a while. Its hard to tell what they really think of eachother. They were former teammembers in the Ministry of Total Justice, then after they faced eachother, Freak wanted them to team up again and then last week they fought eachother again. So real confusing actually. Dan and Cerberus circle eachother for a while and then they lock up.

ND: Cerberus knees Dan in the gut and after that he pushes him backwards into the ropes. Dan comes back from the ropes and Cerberus wants to go for a chokeslam right away now. But Dan blocks it and gets out of the hold. They lock up again and Dan gets in an armdrag takedown. Dan quickly back to his feet while Cerberus is up on one knee staring at Dan. Again they lock up and Dan gets another armdrag takedown. This time he holds on to the arm, but Cerberus forces Dan into the corner. Dan lets go of the hold and gets slapped in the face by Cerberus. Dan returns the slap and both men have to separated by the ref.

JP: It seems there is some rivalry between the two though here. They begin to circle eachother again for about 3 seconds. Dan comes in for another tie up, but Cerberus gets a quick kick to the midsection. Cerberus pushes Dan in the corner and begins a series of quick kicks to the gut. Cerberus then grabs Dan into a side headlock. But Dan quickly throws Cerberus into the ropes, but Cerberus comes off with a shoulder tackle. Cerberus hits the ropes again, but this time Dan meets him with a hard chop that almost knocks Cerberus of his feet.

ND: Dan quickly whips Cerberus in the ropes and delievers a spinning neckbreaker. Dan nails Cerberus with two more chops and then whips him into a corner. Dan charges in but Cerberus moves out of the way just in time and Dan flies in the corner shoulder first. Cerberus takes advantage by grabbing Dan and executing a german suplex. Cerberus goes for the pin, but he only gets a two count here. Cerberus picks Dan up and sends him in the ropes and executes a gorilla press slam when he comes off. Again Cerberus goes for the cover, but again he only gets a two count.

JP: Cerberus whips Dan into the ropes, and goes for a backdrop. But Dan read the move and caught Cerberus with a kneelift. Dan follows that up with a quick running clothesline. Now Dan goes for the cover, but he also only gets a two count. Dan concentrates on the match and picks Cerberus up and starts handing out a couple of chops. Cerberus starts handing out chops aswell and both men's chests are totally red now. Then its Dan who picks Cerberus up and executes an atomic drop and Cerberus flies shoulderfirst into the corner.

ND: When he comes back Dan clotheslines him to the back of the head. Dan jump on top of him and hooks in a camel cluch submission move. Cerberus is screaming it out from the pain now, but doesn't give up. He is trying to get up and after a few attempts he is able to get to his knees and Dan falls backwards and lets go of the hold. Before Cerberus can get back to his feet Dan grabbed him by the head and ramms the head into the bottom turnbuckle. Dan now picks Cerberus up again and sends him in the opposite corner.

JP: Dan slowly walks towards the corner and when he reaches it he grabs Cerberus by the head, but Cerberus counters and rakes Dan in the eye. Cerberus now climbs the topturnbuckle and jumps off and nails Dan in the head with a big forearm. Dan down to the mat and Cerberus again for the cover. 1...........2........kickout. Cerberus not too happy now. He picks Dan up and sends him in the ropes once again, he comes back and ooooh yeahh Cerberus hooks in the chokeslam now and executes it!!!! This time he could execute it!!! Cerberus for the cover. 1............2..............but a very late kickout by Dan.

ND: We almost had a new Prime Time Champ here. Cerberus is shaking his head now. He was so near, he almost had it. He turns back to Dan now and sets him up for a powerbomb, but Dan reverses and backdrops Cerberus to the mat. Dan quickly bounces in the ropes and when he comes back he grabs Cerberus and wowww downward spiral!!! Dan for the pin now. 1.............2...........but also a kickout by Cerberus. Dan then climbs the topturnbuckle and wowwww Flying Guillotine by Dan. Thats one of his trademark moves!!!!

JP: Dan for the cover, this has got to be it people. 1...............2....................but nooooo Cerberus got out of that. How did he do that?? Unbelievable!!! Now its Dan who can't believe it. He picks Cerberus up and whips him in the ropes, but Cerberus reverses the whip and Dan flies into the ropes himself. He comes back and Cerberus grabs him and somehow hooks in a piledriver and executes it. Cerberus slowly gets back up and takes Dan by the arm and wants to clothesline Dan, but Dan ducks the arm and nails Cerberus in the head with a big forearm.

ND: Dan follows that up with kicking Cerberus in the stomache and superkicking Cerberus to the mat. Dan then signals to the crowd. He picks Cerberus up and yesss STRAIGHT EDGE SPIKE!!! He did it!!! Dan goes for the cover and. 1...............2..................3..........YEAH Dan Prohibition won and is still the Prime Time Champion!!!!!

JP: Yes, he did it once again. Once agian he defended his title and he really gives a lot of prestige to this title. Coz in contrary what some people say, this is an excellent title to hold and week in week out Dan shows that he is proud of that belt and thats something to respect.

ND: You ready?

JP: Yeah why?

ND: Its commercial time again.


Winner: Dan Prohibition

(We come back from commercials and we see Mauler in the backstage area. He is frantically looking behind him and way back there we see Ex-Terminator who's coming in his direction. Mauler continues to run, but bammm he runs straight into the forearm of the Perfectionist. The Perfectionist goes for the cover now. The ref who is constantly near the hardcore champion now, starts to count. 1............2........but a kickout by Mauler......Perfectionist picks Mauler up, but Mauler lowblows him and clotheslines him to the concrete and takes off again. Only seconds later we see that Ex-T arrives at the place to be, but only sees Perfectionist laying on the ground).

(Camera fade out)

Tony Canon(c) vs. Morning Star - Internet Title

JP: Mauler ain't safe this evening, I tell you.

ND: And another person who isn't safe here tonight is Barbie Jones. The pregnant Barbie Jones.

JP: Oh yeah I forgot to mention that. Here's something that we are gonna show you people, that happend a few hours ago at the beginning of tonights show.

(On the titantron we see Tony Canon and Barbie Jones in Canon's lockkerroom. They are just talking a bit but Barbie doesn't look too good. Then Barbie grabs her stomache and you can see the pain in her face. It is clear to her and to Canon that contractions have begun. Barbie Jones starts screaming it out from the pain now and Canon is almost panicing. He quickly runs out of the room and calls for paramedics. Then the screen turns to black again).

JP: So that was taped earlier tonight. The last thing we heard was that Barbie Jones is in labour for a while now. No baby yet, but ...

ND: it can pop out any second.

JP: Yeah, something like that. Oh man it seems like wrestlers got other things on their mind besides to wrestle. Now its Tony Canon who probly has his mind on Barbie and the baby. And he has to concentrate on the match coz he is fighting Morning Star for the Internet Title. He lost to Morning Star last week, but that was a non-title fight. Now its for real, now Canon's title is at stake.

ND: Yeah and don't forget what Morning Star has been saying lately about Barbie and the baby. Thats really frightening. Even to me.

(Then War pigs by Black Sabbath starst to play and Morning Star comes walking out. The crowd starts booing him straight away and the sound is emourmous. The crowd really hates this guy, they can't stand him. Morning Star is wearing a Legion shirt and walks to ringside and enters it).

(Runnin with the devil by Van Halen starts to play and boo's change to cheers as "The Big Guns" Tony Canon comes running out. The current Internet Champion doesn't waist any time here. He runs to the ring and slides in).

JP: This thing has begun!!! Canon and Morning Star start delivering punch after punch, hit after hit, blow after blow. They go from one side of the ring to the other side. These two guys really hate eachother. They really hate eachothers guts. Canon grabs MS in a headlock now and bounces in the ropes, they come off the ropes and Canon does a flying bulldog. Canon gets the first advantage here.

ND: Canon stomps MS on the head a few times before he picks him up by the hair. MS wants to throw a punch, but Canon blocks it and follows that up with a tornado ddt!!! Canon now on fire as he picks MS up and kicks him in the gut and hooking in a powerbomb and actually executing it!!!! Canon goes for the first cover in this match. But he only gets a two count. Canon again doesn't waist any time and he picks MS up once more and he hooks in a sky high move and performs it. MS really is gonna feel that.

JP: Canon goes for another cover. 1.............2..............kickout by MS. No way, he won't stop the eternal darkness that easily. Canon on the topturnbuckle now. He jumps off for a splash, but MS moves out of the way just in time and Canon lands on the mat. MS immediately hooks in a figure four leglock. Canon is screaming it out from the pain here now. MS got the lock hooked in good, but he oversaw that Canon is close to the ropes. After about 12 seconds Canon can reach the ropes and the ref makes MS break the lock.

ND: MS still in the advantage though. He sends Canon in the ropes and does a trademark steinerline clothesline to take Canon down to the mat. MS now for the pin. 1...............2.............kickout by Canon. MS now goes for a piledriver. He lifts Canon up, but can't execute it all the way. He tries again, but nope, he can't do it. Canon then backdrops MS to the mat. Canon waits till MS is back to his feet and then runs over and wowww Hurricanrana by the The Big Guns!!!

JP: Yes he can do it all, first a powerbom, then a hurricanrana. Thats awesome. Canon grabs MS in a headlock again now, but MS gets out of the headlock and waistlocks Canon. Now it is Canon who reverses it and he waistlocks MS, but MS elbows Canon in the face now. MS follows that up with grabbing Canon and suplexing him to the mat. What an impact!!! MS picks Canon up and the two of them lock up once again. There is just no stop to this. Canon then pushes MS backwards into the corner and charges in and starts handing out some punches.

(Then On the titantron we see Tony Canon's lockerroom. In the lockkerroom we see Barbie Jones laying on a bed and there are several paramedics and a doctor surrounding her. She is in the middle of delivering the baby. She yells it out from the pain, you can see the tears in her eyes. The doctor tells her to hang in there and to be strong girl and she does. Then the titantron fades to black again).

JP: I can't believe they show that during a match.

ND: Yeah I thought there were special tv programs with that kind of stuff. This isn't a hospital show.

JP: In the ring we see that Canon got distracted by all of that. He is still staring at the titantron. MS then nails him from behind with a forearm and Canon goes down. MS then slides out of the ring and he starts walking towards the backstage area. OOOH NOOOO, I hope he isn't going where I think he is going!!!!!! I think he is going backstage to the lockerroom where Barbie is in labour!!!

ND: Canon got back up and he rolls out of the ring and runs after MS and gets him before he reaches the curtains. Canon hands out several right hands and grabs MS by the head and drags him back to the ring. On their way they exchange more punches. Till finally they reach the ring again. Canon wants to whip MS in the ringsteps, but MS reverses the whip and Canon flies shoulderfirst himself. MS walks over and picks up the ringsteps and bammmm ramms them into Canon's head!!!

JP: MS now throws the ringsteps on top of Canon. MS doesn't stop and he picks Canon by the head and he rolls him back in the ring. MS also back in the ring now and he goes for the cover. 1............2.........but a kickout by Canon. MS grabs Canon by the head and starts choking him. He's really choking the life out of him here. But the ref makes MS stop the chokehold. MS then picks Canon up and whips him in the ropes, he comes off it and a spinning heelkick by MS. MS sends Canon in the ropes again for a clothesline, but oooh Canon comes back from the ropes and also performs a clothesline, so its a double clothesline and they took eachother out!!!

ND: Both men on the mat now and start getting back up. Canon is the first to get up, but MS follows. But hey wait!!! Its Dawg Fase who's coming to the ring here. Shouldn't he be after Mauler after he cost him the Hardcore Title? Apparently not. Apparently he wants to help fellow Legion member Morning Star. Dawg slides in the ring and wow did you see that he got his own forearm wrapped with barbewire. Now thats something. Dawg kicks Canon in the gut now and he orders MS to grab Canon from behind and to hold him. MS does it and he grabs Canon from behind and holds his arms.

JP: Dawg then charges in with his barbewired wrapped forearm and wants to nail Canon with it!!! He comes in and.....OOOOOOHHHH SHIT!!!!! Canon ducked at the last moment and Dawg rammed his barbewire wrapped forearm straight into Morning Star's face!!!! MS is busted wide open and falls to the mat and is knocked out. Dawg decides to slides out of the ring right away and to leave ringside. Canon jumps on top of MS and goes for the cover. 1....................2...................3.......YEAHHHHHH Tony Canon wins this match. He's still the Internet Champion!!!

(The titantron comes back on again and we see Tony Canon's lockkerroom once again. We hear Barbie Jones and the doctor talking, but we also hear the crying of a healthy baby. Barbie Jones has delivered a baby only moments ago!!!!).

JP: OOoh how sweet!! In the ring we see that Canon is watching the screen and he raises his hands in the air and I think there are even tears in his eyes!!! He really must be a happy man now!!! He just stands there with his hands in the air!!!

(Then all of a sudden the lights go out!! About half a minute later the lights come back on again and we see that Tony Canon is laying in the middle of the ring. There is no sight of Morning Star. He is gone.)

JP: Oh nooooo!! Canon is knocked out and Morning Star is gone!!!!

(Commercials start)

Winner: Tony Canon

(Commercials are over and when we come back we see Morning Star running in the backstage area. His face is still busted open, but he doesn't care. He arrives at Tony Canon's lockkerroom and kicks it open. There's panic inside right away. Morning Star enters the room and there are paramedics who try to stop Morning Star, but he just pushes them aside. Morning Star goes over to Barbie Jones who is in the bed and he looks at the baby that she got in her hands. We see Barbie Jones shaking her head and saying "NOOOOOOO" "NOOOOOOOOO" NOT THE BABY!!!!". But Morning Star grabs the baby out of her hands and takes off with it!!!! Leaving Barbie crying!!

Then the camera fades back to black)

JP: NOOOO, NOOOO that can't be real!!! This can't be happening!!! Why would somebody do a thing like that?? Isn't Morning Star thinking straight??

ND: I know. I mean there's no way that Morning Star knows how to change the baby's diaper.

JP: NEIL!!!!!

ND: Well its true.

JP: Show some compasion please.

ND: ...


Prez Cazzo vs. Exile - Cage Match

JP: We just seen something unbelievable, something unreal. I still have to realise it all, but its too difficult.

ND: Ah man just think of this next match. Our own Prez Cazzo against Exile. What a match!!! A cage match!!! Finally they meet. Months ago Exile broke Cazzo's leg. Then Exile had his chances for the Universal Title but lost among others to Alexander Glory. When he lost in that match the crippled Cazzo came in the ring and used his crutches to hurt Exile even more. After that Exile was gone for a while. But on the evening that Cazzo made his inring comeback, Exile also was back. And Cazzo and Exile stood eye to eye again. Over the last weeks the hate between these two only got worst, but tonight its time. They gonna fight eachother right here right now in that cage. The first one to climb out of that cage wins.

JP:Yes, its gonna be exciting, thats for sure.

(Damned if I do starts to play by Life Of Agony and Prez Cazzo comes out. He looks determined and wears black sunglasses and his well-known Dropkick King shirt. He goes over to the ring and enters the cage).

("CRACK"- We hear the sound of a bone cracking and then Extreme Days by DC Talk starts to play and Exile comes walking out. Some of the fans cheer him on, while others boo him. There's a divided opinion about him. He is wearing a shirt that says "Exile" on it. He walks over to the ring and asks for a mic).

Exile: Crappo....why don't we add a special stipulation to this match. Just to make it even more intresting, if thats possible. Why don't we add a special bonuss to it.

(Cazzo nodds his head and says "Lets hear it")

Exile: Here is it. If I win this match I'll be the new Commissioner. And if you win this match, which is unlikely, I will be the new janitor of the EWCL. What about it???

(Cazzo has to think for a little bit, but then nodds his head and its a "YES").

JP: Wow commissioner position versus janitor.

ND: I prefer the missionary position myself.

JP: Commisioner not missionary!!!

ND: Oooh sorry.

(Exile now enters the cage and the cagedoor gets locked).

JP: This battle is on now. Cazzo goes straight for Exile and he grabs him by the head and hammers a few fists on his head. Cazzo then grabs Exile by the head and throws him headfirst into the side of the cage. BAMMM, Cazzo charges in and grabs Exile's head one more time and ramms it continuously in the steelcage!!! Cazzo really is full of anger here, you can see it, you can see it in his eyes!!! Cazzo now lets go of Exile's head. And goes over to the ref to have a word with him.

ND: Cazzo then turns back towards Exile and grabs his head again and sends him in one of the four corner. Cazzo charges in after, but Exile moves out of the way and Cazzo flies headfirst into the steelcage. Exile grabs Cazzo from behind and executes a back to belly suplex. Exile follows that up by picking Cazzo up and delivering a full nelson slam. Exile, doesn't stop and he goes for another suplex. This time he hooks in a belly to belly suplex and even executes it.

JP: Exile probly thinks this is over already, as he starts to climb the cage. He is only a few steps up, when Cazzo gets back to his feet and Cazzo grabs Exile by the leg and Exile falls down to the mat. Exile quickly gets back to his feet and the two lock up for the first time. It is Exile who gets a headlock in. Exile then picks up Cazzo and executes a sideslam. Exile really is a slam and suplex expert.

ND: Exile grabs Cazzo up and sends him in the ropes, but Cazzo comes back with a flying forearm. OOOH Tito Santana couldn't have done that one better!!! Cazzo back up to his feet and he goes for Exile and grabs his ankle and hooks in an anklelock. Yep, he got it hooked good. He got Exile in that ankle lock in the middle of the ring. There is no way out for Exile here. But Cazzo can't win this match by submission, he has to climb out of that ring to win this thing. But he maybe just is trying to weaken Exile, and besides if you can't walk, you can't climb out of a cage.

JP: Wow, smart thinking Neil. But you are right, Cazzo is thinking right here. You wouldn't have expect that from him in this situation after all that has happend. But back to the fight. Cazzo still has Exile in that ankle lock and you can see the pain in Exile's face. He slowly is trying to reach the ropes. But its already a minute later and he still never reached them. But now he is getting closer inch by inch. And yeah, now he finally reached the ropes and now the ref makes Cazzo break the ankle lock.

ND: Cazzo gets up and looks at Exile. Exile tries to get up to his feet, but he is limping. That ankle lock really did a lot of damage to his right ankle and he is limping through the ring. Cazzo is motioning something like "Now you know what its like to limp". And Cazzo walks over to Exile and sweeps his leg and Exile falls down to the mat. Cazzo then kicks Exile in the midsection. Cazzo then decides to start climbing the cage. He is up for a bit, but then Exile gets back to his feet. He still has trouble walking, as he still limps. But he grabs the side of the cage and shakes the cage and Cazzo loses balance and falls all the way back to the mat.

JP: Exile limps over to Cazzo and ooh he hooks in a submission move of his own!! The Solitary Confinement (crippler crossface). Now it is Cazzo who is in pain and Exile who is in the advantage. This time Exile has the submission move and he also hooked it in the middle of the ring. Cazzo is now the one who is trying to reach the ropes, but its easier said than done. He slowly gets closer and closer to the ropes. Then about a minute later he finally reaches it and Exile lets go.

ND: Exile picks Cazzo up and he lifts him up and executes an overhead suplex. Exile now climbs the topturnbuckle and wants to go for a moonsault. He dives off, but Cazzo lifts his knees up and Exile lands straight on them!!!! Exile must have broken ribs now!!! Cazzo back to his feet and he lifts Exile up and oooh backdrop suplex by the prez. Cazzo follows that up with running towards the ropes, and doing a lionsault and lands on Exile. Wow some move!!! Cazzo again picks Exile up by the head, but Exile counters by hooking in a ddt and executes it. Man, this thing goes back and forth here.

JP: Cazzo and Exile both back to their feet again. Its unbelievable that they are both up here. Cazzo grabs Exile and oooooh he hooks in the CAZZOBREAKER!!! And yesssss he executes it!!! A powerbomb into a neckbreaker!!!! Oh my GODDD!!! He really executed it!!!! But both men are down. This entire match took alot out of them. It really took alot out of them. After a little bit Cazzo gets up and he looks at Exile and then he starts climbing the cage. Exile is still knocked out and Cazzo gets up higher and higher.

ND: He is almost at the top of the cage now and Cazzo looks back down and sees that Exile is still laying on the mat. Cazzo looks back again and he stops climbing the cage. Instead he turns around all the way. And....what is he doing????!!!!??? He looks down at Exile one more time and then he dives all the way from that 15ft cage and lands on top of Exile!!!!! THATS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!!!! HOLY SHITT!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

JP: Both Cazzo and definately Exile are knocked out now!!! No wonder, Cazzo just dived from the top of the cage and landed right on Exile. Unreal stuff!!!! We see the rerun again of that. Well we are all forgetting that Cazzo was a good highflyer before he got the presidents position. And don't forget that double cage match he was in with Fazzer, Saphio and Dawg Fase. Now after about a minute and a half Cazzo is slowly getting to his feet. He slowly goes over to cage and starts climbing it now.

ND: Cazzo is halfway up the cage now, and we see that Exile is back to his feet again now. Exile also starts climbing the cage now. He almost reaches Cazzo's leg now. A few moments later Exile is equally high than Cazzo. Exile hands out a right hand to Cazzo's head. Cazzo now returns the favour. Both men now are handing out fists almost at the top of the cage. Exile now hands out a big elbow and.......OOOOOHHHHHHH NOOOOOO THEY BOTH FALL BACKWARDS TO THE MAT!!!!!!!

JP: NO WAY!!!! This can't be true. How many times do they fall from all the way up there???!!!??? Again they are both knocked out!!!! Again we have to wait, now its almost 2 minutes before we see any movement. Exile is the first to get to one knee, Cazzo follows right after. Ok, both men back to their feet again, but they really look worn out here!!! They lock up and OOOOOHHHH EXILE HOOKS IN THE OUTCAST!!!!!! YEAH HE HOOKS IT IN AND HE EXECUTES IT!!!! Exile just executed his finisher move!!!

ND: After about 8 seconds Exile gets to his feet and he moves over to the side of the cage and starts climbing the cage. He is halfway now and still no movement in the ring, Cazzo still knocked out. Exile climbs up higher and almost reaches the top now. And still no movement in the ring. Exile now climbs over the top of the cage and he starts climbing down and a few seconds later he jumps to the floor!!!! YESSSSS EXILE IS OUT OF THE CAGE AND HE WON THIS MATCH!!! He won it, and he didn't only win this match but he also is the new commissioner of the EWCL. Cazzo is really gonna hate that!!!

JP: We see that Cazzo now slowly is getting to one knee and he is shaking his head, he can't believe he lost this match. On the outside we see Exile raising his hands in the air and walking down the aisle back to the lockerrooms. What a match!!!

(Commercials start)

Winner: Exile

(We come back from commercials and again we see the backstage area. Again we see current hardcore champion The Mauler. Just like we have seen before he is frantically looking around him. Now Mauler almost reached the parking lot area. He opens the door to the parking lot, but he hasn't seen that Ex-Terminator is standing behind the door. Mauler enters the parking lot area and still doesn't see Ex-Terminator. Ex-Terminator is standing there with a sledgehammer in his hands.

Ex-T waits till Mauler walks a few steps and Ex-T then attacks Mauler from behind and nails him with that sledgehammer. BAMMMMM!!! Mauler goes down to the ground and is knocked out. Ex-Terminator goes for the cover now. The ref starts the count and. 1.................2................3.................WE HAVE A NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION!!! IT IS EX-TERMINATOR!!!!

Then the camera fades to black).

The Rage vs. Triple X

JP: Folks, it's just about time for Rage versus Triple X, and I gotta tell you, this should be one Hellacious war!

ND: I've got to question the necessity of us calling this match here, at ringside. I mean, I realise you're not quite up to my standard and all, but I'm more than sure I could call this match equally well from a nice, safe monitor out the back.

JP: Neil, you would have to be the biggest coward I've ever had the displeasure of working with in my life..

ND: There's a fine line between cowardice and good common sense.

JP: And you walk that line every week, don't you Neil.

ND: Yes I do John.

JP: Lets take you back to where this brutal war all began..

('Jurassitol' by Filter faeds in with the montage. Triple X rests against an XPCW ladder. Dexx lies bloodied and beaten to the side, seemingly unconscious. The Rage struggles to reach for the ladder, but is held back by a hand, the owner of which is out of shot. Suddenly Commissioner Lightston is in the ring, upon the ladder. He smiles at Triple X, says something to him before pointing viciously up at the belt suspended above the ring. The scene slows as the two lock eyes across the ladder. Several flashes reflect in Triple X's gaze as fans document the event. And then, as the music kicks in, Triple X grabs Lightston and launches into the Hylighter from the summit of the ladder. The Rage kicks at the hand, and is free. He shares a quick, shocked look with Triple X before he is up the ladder. Triple X follows, but is too late. Belt in hand, The Rage is victorious. He picks up the fallen Commissioner and his ally Dexx and carries them up the ramp, only to be battered from behind by the President, Grimm. Grimm takes the belt and proffers it to Triple X before dropping it upon The Rage's lifeless body.)

(The music slows once more, and a newspaper spins into view. The headline re ads 'XPCW in Court Battle with Commissioner'. Another spins into view, melded with a scene of The Rage carrying the belt. The headline reads 'XPCW folds in Shock Decision'. The scene turns red, and slowly scenes of Triple X fade back into view: his reign in the EWCL, the brutality. The utter apathy. The music kicks into gear again as a scene from three weeks ago flashes across the scene. The Rage's entrance. Triple X glaring up the ramp, furious. The next week. the return of The Rage. 'I'm not going to fuck with you. I'm going to fuck you up.' Triple X flying from the back. the two trading blows on the ramp. Cazzo's stipulation. The match. The Hylighter! Rage down! 1...2..Kickout! Setting up for the Revelation.. The return of Achilles! The mugging!)

(Triple X facing Mauler. Calling for the chair. Achilles to his feet. The Rage, bandaged, flying over the railing, taking the veteran down with a hail of blows. Into the ring.. Triple X and Achilles fleeing up the ramp. The music quietens, slows, and fades out.)

JP: Many thanks to Andrew Grimm for the use of the old XPCW footage.

ND: You know, when they run it all into a colourful montage like that, with the music and all, it doesn't seem so bad. It seems worse. I'd just like to go on record as stating that I've requested to be removed from ringside..

JP: What?

ND: Just in case of any future compensation claims against the company. You know.

('Drag You Down' hits and the crowd is on its feet, booing and jeering at the top of their lungs. The camera pans about to the Jumbo Screen as the lights begin to blaze dark green. The screen flashes with scenes of the 'One Man Rampage'. Every few seconds a pair of dark eyes appear across the screen, to be replaced by a brilliantly executed Hylighter. From behind the black EWCL curtain steps Triple X, his long blonde hair wet and dripping down upon his well-muscled shoulders. He stops at the edge of the ramp, glaring out at the crowd with ill-concealed malice.)

Jay Blue: Making his way to the ring, at 6'3" and weighing in at 253lbs. the 'One Man Rampage'. Triple X!!!

(After several moments, Triple X walks slowly down to the ring, circling it like a bird of prey before entering and leaning out some distance over the ropes to shout back at the crowd.)

JP: That is one dangerous man. Even quite apart from the strings he can pull as the President's colleague. Triple X is just a man you don't want to mess with.

ND: You say that like I need convincing?

JP: I wonder where Achilles is?

(The lights in the packed arena flicker and die, like candles in a strong breeze. Several hundred feet above the roaring mass, the roof of the auditorium lights up, dark blue flash-globes swooping slowly like lazy crows. The Titantron gradually brightens into life, displaying disjointed images like a slideshow of memories... sepia remembrances and flickering triumphs to the opening riff of Kid Rock's 'American Bad Ass'. The fans are alive, lifting the roof with their collective enthusiasm for this man. And then he is there at the top of the ramp, watching, waiting, like an Angel of Death. His long, black coat flaps gently about his feet as he watches the crowd with that deadly ebon gaze. And, unmoving is he when on either side of the ramp two enormous explosions threaten the very roof of the auditorium. Burning bright and strong for several moments, they too eventually fade, until finally five words flash blindingly in white across the Jumbo Screen, leaving the familiar imprint of lightning upon the vision of the fans... 'The Revelation is at Hand'. And with those words, he makes his slow way down to the ring. The crowd response is deafening.)

Jay Blue: On his way to the ring. standing at 6'4" and weighing in at 246lbs. The Rage!!!

JP: Can you feel the electricity in this crowd tonight?! This is what it's all about Neil!

ND: Yeah, electricity. Actually, I think I forgot to pay the electricity bill earlier this week. I should really go do that..

JP: Sit down Neil. Look at that. Triple X is just waiting there in the centre of the ring. Look at the enmity between these two. You can just feel it!

(Before The Rage can reach the ring, a pneumonic drill pipes through the arena sound-system and the fans' cheers turn immediately to jeers. The Rage spins on the ramp to face the Titantron as scenes of the technician Achilles flash to the beat of Van Halen's 'Poundcake'. Pyro shoots from either side of the ramp meeting at a point high in the air, and then a single blast of fire ascends from the dead centre of the stage. Achilles steps from the back, smugly grinning at the blistering Rage. The fans gasp as one, and jeer even louder, if that is possible, as they see the heel's shirt. White with black stripes.)

JP: Oh no! I don't believe Cazzo's done this! This isn't right. it isn't right! Jay Blue: Now approaching the ring, 5'11" and weighing in at 215lbs, he is tonight's Special Guest Referee for this match. he is the true technician of the EWCL. Achilles!!!

ND: Well now I feel safe! With that man out there to keep everything and everybody in order, I don't feel half as bad. Relax John, Achilles will take care of everything.

JP: You've got to be joking Neil?! This isn't going to be a fair match! Not by a long shot!

ND: I don't think Achilles would like to hear you talking like that John.

JP: I don't give a damn what. wait! Rage is walking towards Achilles. I don' t think he likes this little swerve one bit. Hang on. there's Triple X! He's out of the ring and heading for Rage. Rage doesn't see him coming. he's focused on Achilles! Triple X takes down The Rage with a stiff forearm to the back of the head! Rage hasn't even taken his jacket off yet! Achilles is strutting down to the action. what a jerk!

ND: He's pacing. that's pacing.

JP: My ass Neil!

ND: Language!

JP: Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I'm just. Here we go! Triple X has got Rage up. he's hooking him up. SUPLEX ONTO THE RAMP! Rage is arching. Achilles is shouting at Triple X to take it to the ring.. Yeah, like he cares! Rage is clawing to his feet. the jacket's come off. Look at those ribs folks. They're all taped up. That's from the assault two week s ago! Triple X and Achilles did a real number on The Rage, broke some ribs. I can' t believe he's even wrestling here tonight! What's he. NO! Triple X delivers a knee to the ribs of the Rage! And again! Rage is down, but Triple X drags him to his knees again and. another knee to the ribs! Triple X gives Rage a blatant fist to the face that sends him to the steel ramp again. The Rage is in agony. he's holding those ribs!

ND: Achilles is still trying to get this thing to the ring.. Straight down the line. Told you. JP: We'll see. Triple X has Rage up again. He's heading for the ring but. he slams Rage into the railing! That would have sent a shock straight through those broken ribs! He's got to be messed up inside! He's got Rage up again and what's he.? He's throwing Rage into the crowd! He follows him over and continues to lay into him with blatantly closed fists to the ribs! Achilles is following, still urging the pair to take it to the ring. Triple X is just dominating The Rage here. ever since that low attack at the opening moments. He's taking Rage through the stands. heading for the broadcast area!

ND: Maybe they're going to do an online interview?

JP: It's a fight to get through that angry crowd but. there they are! Rage is trying to fight back, but to no avail. Those ribs are crippling him! Triple X is clearing the table with one arm. the broadcasters are scattering. who can blame them?! He's. RAGE HEADFIRST INTO THE TABLE! Rage is out of it. he's reeling. Triple X is rolling him on to the table. What's he gonna do? NO! He's climbing the outside of the stands there! He's got to be at least fifteen feet from the table. Rage still isn't moving! Achilles is half-heartedly calling Triple X down. I can't believe this. TRIPLE X OFF THE STANDS WITH A HUGE ELBOW! Did you hear that?! The table has had it!

ND: So has The Rage..

JP: Triple X is a little groggy. that took it out of him too. This match hasn't even begun yet! He's pulling Rage. he's almost a dead weight! He's dragging him back towards the ring now, straight through the fans! What's this? He's grabbing something from a fan..

ND: OW! Triple X just exploded a bottle of some sort over Rage's head! That' s one way to open it.

JP: That's terrible! Looks like they're almost back to the ring area. Triple X throws The Rage over the barrier.. He climbs over the barrier, followed by Achilles. He's got Rage up, and he's rolling him into the ring. Achilles slides under the ropes. Triple X climbs in, and that's the bell folks! This match has officially started!

ND: I think it's about to officially end.

JP: Triple X has got Rage's leg up..ONE....TWO.....THR...KICKOUT! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! We've still got a match on our hands! The toughness of that young man!

ND: Instinct.

JP: Call it what you like, we've got a match! Triple X is livid. He's slamming the mat! I think he's claiming Achilles didn't count fast enough. To Achilles' credit, that was a fair count.

ND: Oh yea of little faith.

JP: Triple X is just wasting time now. He's giving Rage enough time to gather himself. Rage is slowly regaining his wits while Triple X is still abusing Achilles. Wait, looks like he's realised. He's pulling Rage to his feet, slingshot into the ropes. Rage holds on to the ropes! Triple X runs at him. Rage comes off the ropes with a BIG LARIAT! Triple just spun in the air! He's down! Something's lit a fire under The Rage! He's shaking off the cobwebs. He's dragging Triple X to his feet. T-BONE SUPLEX! That hurt The Rage too. those ribs must be on fire! He gets to his feet with Achilles in his face.. That was a fair move! He shoves Achilles out of the way!

ND: He should be disqualified for that!

JP: Give me a break Neil! Triple X is face down. Rage is locking up his legs. it's. it's an INDIAN DEATHLOCK! When was the last time you saw that?!

ND: I have nothing to say to that.

JP: Triple X is writhing! He's inches away from the ropes, but he might as well be miles for all The Rage is gonna let up! This looks bad for Triple X! WAIT! Achilles just pulled Triple X to the ropes!

ND: Did he? I didn't see that. I don't think so.

JP: That dirty son-of-a-gun! Rage is up. he's stalking Achilles. Achilles and Rage FACE TO FACE! How can he win this damn thing if the Ref is against him?! Tell me that?!

ND: ..

JP: Triple X is to his knees. he's rolling Rage up into a SCHOOL BOY PIN! ONE....TWO...KICKOUT! That was a damn fast count!

ND: Not fast enough apparently.

JP: Rage and Triple X are both to their feet, slowly. Rage swings at him. Triple X ducks under it and. DELIVERS A SIDE SUPLEX! That would just compact you! Can you imagine the pain?! Rage is out of it. Triple X to his feet. He' s rubbing at his ankle. He. he's testing it by kicking The Rage! Again in those ribs! That's disgusting! Now he's getting Rage to his feet. Sending him into the ropes. Rage comes back. Triple X is flipping him over! What a tremendous MOUNTAIN BOMB! I've never seen Triple X wrestle like this!

ND: Maybe he was never angry enough to before. Maybe we should never make him angry enough to again.

JP: He's got Rage. It's all elementary from here. ONE...TWO....T.. Kickout! Rage has got a lot of guts. I thought this was over. Triple X is mad as hell. He can't seem to keep The Rage down. He's pulling him up again, speaking to Achilles. What the. AW, C'MON! Achilles is suggesting moves to Triple X! Triple X nods, picks him up. RIB BREAKER! He's not letting up. pulling Rage to a seated position. he's applying an EASTERN STRETCH! That's gonna hyper-extend Rage's sternum! His ribs must be on fire. he can't possibly be able to breath! Tap out son, there'll be other days!

ND: Maybe not..

JP: Rage is in agony! Achilles is asking if he wants to quit. Rage is screaming NO! Triple X is tightening the hold, stretching that chest, but Rage WON'T SUBMIT! Triple X gives up, pulls Rage to his feet. He seems unsure of what to do to keep this man down. DDT! That may do it! But no, he' s not done yet. He's. STEPPING ON THOSE RIBS! Rage is screaming! Triple is has him up again. he just won't let up! WHAT?! RIB BREAKER! AGAIN! There's got to be internal bleeding!

ND: This is as systematic as you'll get. Triple X is a master in there. He can take you apart bit by bit.

JP: That's exactly what he's doing! He's got Rage in that EASTERN STRETCH again! Achilles is still asking Rage if he wants to give in! Someone should just throw in the towel for him: this is too much! Looks like he's gone folks. But what a fight to stay in it this long. you can't take that away from him. Achilles is raising The Rage's arm..ONE! He signals, then raises it again. Look at Triple X. he's gloating. He's enjoying this. What a jerk! ...TWO! C'mon, hurry this up and get some EMTs out here! Achilles is raising that arm a third time. THR.... NO!!! NO!!! Rage is NOT OUT! That arm is up. just, but it's up! Triple X is furious! He's absolutely enraged! That 's it! Triple X has had it. he's throwing Rage to the mat and getting to his feet. Rage is struggling, but Triple X clubs him to the face! He's. he's kicking Rage out of the ring! Right in front of us!

ND: Oh damn. I told you we were in trouble..

JP: Triple X is following him out. he's got Rage up and he's swinging him. INTO THE TABLE! Oh those ribs! Triple X you maniac, stop this now! You've made your point!

(Triple X's voice can be heard faintly through John's microphone screaming 'Screw you Pilchard! This is over when I say it's over!')

JP: He's coming..

(A loud BANG echoes through the mic as John is thrown from his chair by a crazed Triple X. The snap of the chair can be heard as Triple X grabs John's chair and folds it up.)

ND: I warned you! This is no place for a commentator! John. John, are you okay?

JP: I. damnit, where is he going with my chair?! Son-of-a..

ND: He's telling Rage to get up. He's goading him, demanding he get to his feet!

JP: MY GOD, The Rage is doing it. He's getting to his feet, holding those ribs.. He's using the ropes and the apron to pull himself up. Achilles is shouting at Triple X. Triple X pulls back, brings the chair down. WAIT! Rage has dropped to the mats! The chair rebounds! TRIPLE X JUST NAILED HIMSELF WITH THE CHAIR!

ND: He's not going to be happy about that..

JP: You're damn right! Rage is pulling himself up again. he's staggering over here. Rage has got Triple X by the hair. He's pulling him towards the ring, climbing the apron. He's dragging Triple X up onto the apron. Triple X delivers a punch to The Rage, but Rage responds with a knee to the gut. Rage is pausing. that must have hurt him. Triple X is shaking it off. They're both on the apron. if Rage is gonna pull something out, he'd better do it now! I don't think he has anything left!

ND: I can't watch!

JP: Rage is hooking Triple X up for. a suplex?! Onto the apron?! That'll never work! Triple X delivers another blow to The Rage's destroyed ribs! The Rage. he's reaching down. he's got him up! Oh my, Triple X is vertical! Rage is teetering on the edge! He's turning Triple X. what's he?! Achilles is stunned! Rage is. he's. he's dropping forward, off the apron towards. US! REVERSE SUPLEX FROM THE APRON THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE!!!

(The microphones again cut off as John and Neil and thrown back against the barrier. The fans are wild, absolutely crazed at the tremendous action, and the cry carries out. RAGE. RAGE. RAGE. RAGE.. Triple X lies in a crumpled heap upon the shattered remains of the table, while Rage lies motionless upon the mat. Several moments of dead air pass as John and Neil organise their mikes. Achilles simply stares at the pair from the ring, amazed. Finally the announcers return.)

JP: I. I've NEVER seen that before! That was truly. that was truly amazing!

ND: I hope we never see it again. NEVER!

JP: Neither of these boys is moving, and no surprise.. Rage must've just broken Triple X in half! Not to mention the damage the fall must have done to him alone!

ND: Hold on. I don't believe it. Rage is moving.

JP: You're right! Rage is moving. Slowly but surely. He's using the broken table, but he's getting there. Wait, I think. yes! RAGE IS UP! He's up damnit! And he's searching for Triple X! He's got the 'One Man Rampage' by the hair, and he's dragging his limp 250lbs towards the ring, cradling his ribs with the other hand. He reaching down. this must be causing him an enormous amount of pain, but. he's got Triple X up! He's rolling him back into the ring.

ND: It's like watching a match in slow motion..

JP: It's like a car wreck! You can't help but stare in morbid fascination! Rage is rolling ever so slowly into the ring. This must be killing him. he needs medical attention. He's rolling on top of Triple X. pulling up the leg.. I can't believe it! Rage has won this match! This is incredible!!! After everything!!!

ND: Uhm..

JP: Wait a second. What's he doing? Achilles is just standing there! He's not counting the pin! NO DAMNIT! Count it! The Rage won this fair and square! But Achilles is just standing, watching! He won't count it! He's shaking his head and. HE'S LEAVING! THAT SON-OF-A-BITCH! He's leaving. The fans are hating this! They're throwing everything they have to hand at this guy! He's walking up the ramp! Rage has had Triple X pinned for a good twenty seconds now! Rage is staring at Achilles. I don't know if he even knows what's going on anymore! The fans can't believe it! I can't believe it!

(Suddenly 'Damned if I Do' hits. The fans erupt, unsure at first, but soon cheering. Achilles stares up the ramp, muttering. And then President Cazzo steps from beneath the Titantron. The crowd is pumped. Achilles palms him off as he walks back towards the locker room, but Cazzo grabs the Special Guest Referee by the arm and starts to shout at him. He motions wildly, before pointing back at the ring. The arena lifts, doubling in intensity. Achilles looks stunned, but surprise turns quickly to anger, and he shoves Cazzo, shaking his head. Cazzo grabs him by the arm once more, and leans in, speaking quietly and intensely before pointing one more time at the ring. Achilles turns to the ring, then back to Cazzo, his eyes flashing. For a moment it seems he may take a swing at the President, but finally he snarls and turns back towards the ring. The fans explode.)

JP: I. I don't believe it! Say what you will about our President, and even if he made a mistake earlier, he sure as hell is doing the right thing now! He's sending Achilles back to finish this thing!

ND: I don't know if The Rage is gonna let him..

JP: What? The Rage is up! He's staggering towards the ropes. towards Achilles. Achilles is still coming down the ramp. He's drilling holes into The Rage with those eyes. For his part, I think The Rage is giving as good as he's getting. As badly beat up as The Rage is, I'm not sure Achilles should step back into that ring.

ND: Here we go. Triple X is waking up. Can't keep a good maniac down.

JP: Triple X is up! Rage is still staring over the ropes at Achilles. Achilles is now standing directly below Rage. If looks could kill folks..

ND: I don't know about looks, but Triple X sure looks mad as Hell!

JP: I can't believe this! He's coming for The Rage! Rage hasn't seen him!!! This isn't fair! Triple X is. WHAT?!!! Rage has spun around. he's surprised Triple X!!! He's hooked him up for the Revelation!!! MY GOD!!! HE GOT IT! HE GOT IT! THE REVELATION!!! He's got him for the pin. Achilles half slides in under the bottom rope. ONE......TWO......

(Achilles and Rage share a look that transcends enmity. Achilles' hand seems to hang motionless for an eternity, but in fact the pause is very brief.)


(The ring bell sounds to the deafening roar of the fans.)

Jay Blue: And your winner.... THE RAGE!

('American Bad Ass' blasts from the speakers about the arena as the fans go nuts, tearing the roof off the auditorium. Achilles slides out of the ring quickly and stalks up the ramp, throwing only one last disgusted look back at the ring before disappearing through the curtain. The Rage rolls off Triple X, staggering slowly to his feet before falling to his knees in pain. He raises one arm slightly, but allows it to fall back to his side as he winces at the sharp pain.)

JP: That was the darndest thing I've ever seen! Both of these competitors gave it their all, and you can't take that away from them no matter what. But the right man won, thanks to the President.

ND: I can't understand why Cazzo came out here and made Achilles count the pin, after it seemed as though he'd screwed The Rage.

JP: Maybe it's as simple as The Rage earning the President's respect. I sure as Hell know he earned mine. He walked through Hell and came out victorious.

ND: I don't think that walk's over just yet John. I'm pretty sure that this thing with Rage and Achilles is a long way from over.

JP: You know what. I think you're right Neil. Folks, next up, our huge Main Event!

(Several referees and paramedics aid The Rage from the ring and back up the ramp as the fans go wild for their hero.)


Winner: The Rage

Kritical Kondition(c) vs. Super Trouper vs. The Punisher - Universal Title

JP: Man, I don't have words for this evening. Can it get any weirder? So many things happening. So many unbelievable matches. Unbelievable!!!!

ND: I know.

JP: And we still have the match for the Universal Title coming up right now. Universal Champion Kritical Kondition has to defend his title against Super Trouper and The Punisher. First person to get a pin wins this match, its a simple as that.

ND And like I said before I think its gonna be an easy win for Kritical Kondition. I mean he has to face a criminal and a former FBI agent. Do I need to say more??

JP: Nah Neil. You say it best, when you say nothing at all.

(Between angels and insects starts to play and Super Trouper comes walking out. He is escorted by his new love Laura. And hand in hand they walk to the ring like a real love couple. ST then enters the ring).

(Invasion starts to play and Legion Leader The Punisher comes running out. Not waisting any time. He slides in the ring and attacks Super Trouper. They have a long history together and everytime they face eachother it all boils up again).

(Last but not least Bleed the freak by Alice in Chains starts to play and Kritical Kondition comes out. He got the Universal titlebelt on his shoulder. He arrives at the ring and hands the title over to Jay Blue. He sees that ST and Punisher are already getting it on, so he takes his time stepping in the ring. Finally he uses the ringsteps to enter the ring).

JP: ST and Punisher are still handing out punches in the corner. Punisher is stuck in the corner now and ST gets the overhand as he steps on the bottom turnbuckle and delivers a couple of fists to Punisher's head. KK then mingles himself in the battle and he grabs ST from behind and executes a german suplex. KK gets back up but Punisher slapps him in the face and takes him down with a clothesline.

ND: Punisher now on the second turnbuckle and jumps of and does a legdrop and lands on KK. Punisher again goes for KK, but ST puts a stop to it and clotheslines Punisher to the mat. ST picks Punisher by the head and sends him in the ropes and executes a powerslam!!! ST for the early cover. 1.......2......but KK breaks the count. KK kicks ST in the head after he picks ST up and delivers a northern lights suplex.

JP: Now it is KK who is in control. KK sends ST in the ropes and dropkicks him to the mat when he comes back. KK quickly gets up, but Punisher is already there to hook in a reverse ddt and performing it. Thats what you get when you got three people in a match. You can take out one, but the other one is up again then. Punisher now grabs KK's head and he also grabs ST by the head and he smashes the two heads into eachother. Punisher still holds the heads and ooooh a double flying bulldog!!!

ND: Punisher now bounces in the ropes and does an elbow drop on KK. He bounces in the ropes again and does the same to ST. Punisher going wild!! Punisher concentrates on ST and sends him in the ropes and wants to backdrop him, but ST counters by kicking Punisher in the face and hooking in a snapp suplex and executing it!! ST is doubting now who to go for, should he focus on Punisher or on KK. He decides to go for KK. He grabs KK, but KK lowblows him and KK follows it up with a fishermans suplex.

JP: KK goes for the topturnbuckle and climbs on. He stares at ST and then he dives off with a frogsplash and lands on top off ST!!!! KK goes for the cover now. 1...........2........but this time it is Punisher who breaks the count. KK gets back to his feet and he kicks Punisher in the gut and delivers stunner right after!!!! KK now decides to pin Punisher. 1.............2..........but now it is ST who breaks the count. Man, thats something.

ND: ST picks KK up from behind now and delivers a back to belly suplex. ST in the ropes now and comes back and delivers a big legdrop on the champ. ST goes for KK, but then Punisher comes back in the fight and he takes ST down to the mat with a big boot. Punisher picks ST up and sends him in the ropes, but ST ducks the forearm, comes back from the ropes again, and does a flying shouldertackle that takes Punisher down. ST for the cover. 1.........2......kickout. ST was almost there.

JP: ST picks Punisher up agian and they start handing out chops. They forgot all about KK who is still in there. KK bounces in the ropes and comes back and double clotheslines ST and Punisher to the mat. MAN!!! Now thats a real champion!!! KK now climbs the turnbuckle again. He is on top now and he waits till both ST and Punisher are to their feet. They are both up now and KK jumps of for a missile dropkick and he hits both ST and Punisher!!! How did he do that!!!!

ND: KK picks ST up and hooks in a butterfly bomb and executes it. WOW!!! KK then grabs Punisher by the head and he throws him over the toprope to the outside. KK to the outside now. He goes over to Punisher and kicks him in the head. KK picks Punisher up by the hair and drags him over to the apron and ramms Punishers head into the apron for 3 times. KK now lifts Punisher up and he lays him on the spanish announcetable. KK now climbs on the spanish announce table aswell.

JP: KK picks Punisher up and wants to piledrive Punisher through the table!!! But Punisher won't let him, he blocks the piledriver. Punisher gets out of the hold and he kicks KK in the gut and hooks in a piledriver of his own. And Punisher is able to execute it. Punisher executes a piledriver on KK and KK flies through the spanish announcetable!!!! OOHHH MAN!!!! WHAT AN IMPACT!!!! KK is knocked out, he really is knocked out. We now see how ST rolls out of the ring and he comes over and he grabs Punisher by the head and he rolls Punisher back into the ring and joins in after.

ND: KK still laying on the outside while Punisher and ST are fighting eachother in the ring. Punisher just deliverd a big boot to the face of ST. ST however, is quickly up again and he takes Punisher down with a clothesline. HEY WAIT, whats he doing here??? From backstage we see Mauler running to the ring. He has a bruise on his head and he is holding a sledgehammer. Thats the same sledgehammer he felt earlier I think. Mauler looks at Punisher and then moves over to ST.

JP: He takes a swing, but then he suddenly stops. He then turns towards Punisher, his Legion Leader. Mauler grins at Punisher, who grins back, But then Mauler takes a swing and WAMMMMM he nails Punisher with the sledgehammer!!!! OOOH MYYYYY GODDDDD!!!!!! WHY DID HE DO THAT???? PUNISHER IS HIS LEADER??? IS THIS THE END OF THE LEGION OR WHAT???? Mauler looks at ST and then slides out of the ring again. ST doesn't hesitate and he goes over to Punisher and he pins him. 1....................2................3................YEAH WE HAVE A NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION!!!! SUPER TROUPER is the new Universal Champion of the EWCL!!!!!

ND: What an end of this evening. We ended this truly remarkable evening with a new champ. Kritical Kondition lost his title, but he wasn't even pinned. Its sore, but its the truth.

JP: What a night people, what a night!!!! Thats all I can say!!!! GOODBYE!!!!!

Winner: Super Trouper

(After the credits we see Mauler on the parking lot stepping into a limo. The limo drives away and all we see are Mauler and two other people sitting in the car).

Tough Love