1) This is an original wrestler efed only. All wrestler names should be original.
2) Roleplays must be at least 15 lines. If not then they won't be judged as a roleplay.
3) Roleplays are judged on a couple of things, most important are quality, quantity, originality, entertainment, humour.
4) You must not physically attack another wrestler in a roleplay. Also don't use any other wrestler in your rp when its not authorised by that wrestler.
5) No swearing or discrimination is allowed in rp's. I don't mind an occasional "fuck" or "bitch", but don't take it too far. Messages will be deleted and obviously won't be counted as a roleplay.
6) No OOC messages should be posted on the roleplay board. Thats where the OOC board is for.
7) No complaining and bitching if the announcers make a joke about you on a show. And definately no complaining about losing a match. It won't help you at all. Just face it that there will come a time that even "you" lose a match.
8) Have fun, some people take it far too seriously. After all, it's just a game and next to that you're not getting paid. If someone should get paid, it would be me, but even I don't see a dime for it.