This page will eventually host links to my little mdate program.

For now, check out

The freshmeat project is here .

Here is a developers only version of the latest libmdate. It uses the newer autoconf/autoheader system (NOT automake 1.5) as used in the upcoming Debian woody (3.0) release. It's really only for commenting on, as mdate itself is not yet ready for use with it. Suggestions on rewriting the console-only version of mdate however, are welcome.
libmdate 0.1.6-ALPHA

Mirror update of Mdate in C++ (Mdate++) is available here: mdate-1.4.0.tar.gz

Previous versions are here.

This new version will eventually replace the current mdate/libmdate system and introduces new correlation features, as well as being much easier to maintain. It currently isnt autoconf'd and the makefile is simple. Please check config.h for any defines you might need to alter.


Created by: Sean Dwyer <>