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Welcome to Elkay's WebHaus,
a  place on the web to house a collection of
my own favorite rooms, created by me,
mainly constructed by using PaintShop Pro tubes
and an intermediate level of knowledge of how to use PSP.

Some images are of walls and windows in simple, one-wall perspective
while these home interiors categorized as rooms
involve at least
a two-wall perspective view.

Come on in, take a tour of the house, look at the furniture
and other furnishings,
take note of the perspective.

Stay as long as you like.
For those of you who are so inclined,
I hope my handiwork will inspire you to create rooms of your own
 PaintShop Pro .

You do not have to be a professional to use PSP tubes,
though a good eye for perspective and shadow
will be invaluable as you assemble rooms
such as these.

A healthy dose of persistence
will also be


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 About My Work

Friends Page

The internet is a terrific place for making wonderful, new friends
and Lana, moderator of MSN's
Animated Fantasy Signatures group, is no exception.

Animated Fantasy Signatures

Since the Animation Shop is not my forte,
and since Lana does such a fantastic job with
animations, she has honored me with a lovely gift of an
animation for one of my rooms.
To show you what she has done
to bring it to life,

I just love it and wish I could do what she does.

PSP in the right hands is totally awesome!
Thank you, Lana!

Here's what she did to my banner too.
What a beautiful difference!



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