Equine World Awards

Welcome to Equine World's Awards page.
There are many awards to be won by your horses!

HOTM (Horse Of The Month) is the most prestigious of these awards.
Winning HOTM means your horse's offspring are more valuable,
as is your horse. You MUST apply for your
horse to be nominated and win any of the awards.

The Results for each award will be given at the beginning of each month,
however if there are fewer than 5 applications for an award, it will not
be chosen for that month. You can only enter 1 horse per award per month
(so a total of 4 horses a month, 1 each for the 4 awards).
Always remember to enclose the picture and be sure it works if it is a link.
Without a picture your horse will not be considered for any awards.

Award Winners

September 2004
October 2004
November 2004~ Canceled
December 2004~ Canceled
January 2005~ Canceled
February 2005 ~ Canceled
March 2005
April 2005
May 2005
June 2005 and newer award winners can be seen here

Award Banners

Please take the banner for which month and award you won


The Awards & What They Mean:

- Horse of the Month -
Very accomplished, well-trained, well-mannered horse.
Must be at least four years old.

- Miss Equine World of the Month -
Filly or mare with the most beautiful picture.

- Mister Equine World of the Month -
Colt or stallion with the most beautiful picture.

- Cutest Picture Award of the Month -
Horse with the funniest or cutest picture.

If your horse has won an award within the last 2 months,
please do not send your horse in for that award again!
Let everyone else have a turn.

How To Apply:

To Apply and see the winners

email Kat