Ewing Mandolin Company
Ewing Mandolin Company

The Ewing Mandolin Company is a small shop in north central Montana. We build mandolins with a blend of old fashioned craftsmanship, traditional materials, modern materials, exotic woods and an entirely fresh approach to construction. While each mandolin is painstakingly hand carved, like they were a hundred years ago, the actual construction process is not traditional.
Ewing goes through a process of fitting the main components of a mandolin together and then shapes the instrument as a whole. The end result is an arch top and back mandolin that is extremely strong and that beautifully transmits sound from one tip to the other. The sound is rich and full with an extreme sustain of the notes.
Although the wood vary according to the customer's order, there is only one grade of mandolin made by Ewing ... to the very best of our ability. We stand behind our work 100%. Each Ewing mandolin carries a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship -- that is, the lifetime of the maker, which transfers to any additional owner. The owner is responsible for shipping, but Ewing will replace or repair their mandolins as long as any of the craftsmen are still alive and can function.
Ewing Mandolin Company is currently behind in orders, so buyers can expect to wait two to three months to receive their mandolin. When ordering, specify Zebra wood, Birdseye Maple, or Osage orange wood for the head and neck. Also specify back preferences: solid, cross, wedge, or wedge with center piece matching the neck wood, out of the available woods pictured. It would be best to speak with Brent Ewing personally at 406-622-3718 about construction options. Leave your name, phone number, and a good time to contact you and he will try to answer your questions.

The price for each mandolin is $700 (US).

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