Virtual Garage Sales is a project for the Distributed Systems course. This course is part of the Master of Science in Information Networking between University of Aveiro (PT) and Carneggie Mellon University (US).

Project description:
This project goal is to build an online shopping platform that allows any vendor to promote itself by selling its products in the Internet. From the costumers point of view they will have access to a wide variety of suppliers in a uniform and transparent manner.
The shopping platform will consist in an administration server, client terminals and vendor servers. All these machines will interact with each other and form a distributed system. The administration server will host the database and provide authentication and authorization functionalities to customers and vendors. Each vendor server will host the vendor┤s web interface in a specified URL. Each customer will have an application or web interface to provide the functionalities available for buyers.

Group Name:

Group Members:
Eduardo Carvalho (eduardo.carvalho@ua.pt)
Bruno Lopes (brunolopes@ua.pt)
Goncalo Pereira (gpereira@cmu.edu)
Ricardo Caetano (ricardocaetano@cmu.edu)

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