Thanks for stopping in on this page. This page is to pay tribute to my little daughter who lived only a very short time. We did not know that my wife was even pregnant at the time of birth. Our sweet daughter was born a premie child the doctors said looked to be about 5 months. She was fully formed and seemed to be healthy. Just due to the bad situation she was born in they could not save her. When arrived at hospital she had a slight pulse and resperations. Myself and my wife did not know at the time of delivery it was a child we was in our car and rushed her back to hospital. Please join me in my sorrow and respect to her thru this page. And please follow the web ring below at bottom of page to other sites by fathers of lost children.



This is my sweet daughters casket.

The roses arround the casket will live forever just like her soul will in heaven and our hearts!

Each person was asked to take one home .

The teddy bear was a gift from her Grandpa.

3 live roses was placed on her heart from Us and her Grandparents.


A letter to My Child in Heaven:

My Child by Fred your Dad

You came as a suprise to us we did not know you was there.

We love you with all our hearts and know you love us too.

We wish things would have been different

So we could have brought you home to stay.

But the Lord our God had other plans for you.

We know that you are with Him helping Him as he needs,

For His need was more important then ours to have you by his side.

We will see you when our times come till then in great company you are.

You have many grandparents laps to sit and play with,

And many friends and little ones to visit.

Four of your new friends belong to a friend on mine.

We know you will have fun together.

You was our first Child we will always have you in our thoughts and heart.

You will never be forgot and will live forever.

We gave out pink roses for all to have and to hold that will last forever as your soul.

We gave you a rose from Me and Mom and your grandparents here for you to take with you.

Your are our Heavens Precious Baby

For in heaven we know you are.

We Love you Precious Angel and will see you and hold you with love some day!!

This was in local paper.

This was taken just after service it was very small mostly family.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord Our God,

Please I know You decided it was best She be with You,

Just please God Watch over Her as I know you will,

Let Her know we do love her and miss her.

I know Me and her Mom have to decided why this happened.

And where you guidence for us leads.

It is hard to deal with it all, but knowing it was your will

and you do know best.


A Nice Poem sent to us from Funeral Service:

When I Must Leave You


When I must leave you

for a little while

Please do not grieve

and shed wild tears

And hug your sorrow to you

through the years.

But start out bravely

with a gallant smile;

And for my sake and in my name

Live on and do all things the same,

Feed not your loneliness

on empty days,

But fill each waking hour

in useful ways,

Reach out your hand in comfort

and in cheer

And I in turn will comfort you

And hold you near;

And never, never be afraid to die,

For I am waiting for you

in the sky!





Please visit following site I found this while searching the web!

Spoke on icq with Tammy from here she was very nice and and willing to listen!

Angel Babies Forever Loved

Thanks to you all for stopping by this page and sharing our sorrow in our loss.

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