A Tribute To The Fallen and The Hero's

Music takes a bit to load.

This tribute is for all the U.S. citizens that died on Tuesday September 11th in New York City and Washington D.C. and those that are still risking their lives to find any survivors and bring home the bodies of the ones that was lost.


I wish to express my care and best wishes for those that grieve the loss of loved ones and friends in this disaster. 

And to the families of the first rescuers on the scene that lost their lives. I as a former EMT know the feeling that before every shift in the back of an emergency workers mind is 

"Will I save a life today? Or will this be my last day of life."

 We never share this thought or want to admit it to ourselves. But it is there; we know that we risk Our lives to save others. We always try to do it safely and with great care. But with the knowledge that things do happen and can happen when at a scene. Things we cannot control. That is what we accept when we take our oath to save lives. We just pray we will never have to face that day. Sadly many emergency workers faced this day on the 10th. 

To the families a small comfort is to remember not only were these brave men and women doing their job, but also doing what they love trying to save lives. 


To the families of the senseless acts of the terrorist attack the USA grieves with you all. We cannot feel the pain you do, since it was not our loved ones and friends that died in this act. But we do feel the loss of our fellow citizens and feel the same pain that our safety of living in the USA is now gone.

And To The Hero's that will strike the REVENGE of the USA when it is ordered. We as the USA support you as you go into battle and pray that YOU will be safe. We know being on High alert status you are now that you too have to be away from your families. God Bless You and keep You safe!