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Humans belong into groups, societies, cultures and nations, thus cults as a collection of traditions or believes are amongst us, they are a natural occurrence. To claim that one is free of the effect or influence of cults is an enormous undertaking. There is nothing wrong in helping people that were under the influence of a set way of thinking, but there are defiantly questions to be answered [asked?] when the saviour claims providence even though in an intellectual manner.





The traditionalist amongst the Exitees base their argument on this assumption:

Cults are bad

With that they weave a whole argument to justify their action, this is the epitome:

The assumption that followers of Catholic Exitism are doing a selfless charitable act by helping people exit of a presumable "bad cult". Thus their action is commendable.

That ""they"" ""ALL"" [Exitees] presumably agree with it [the charitable action].

That thinking otherwise is a sin and is wrong. AND so, saying that the Catholic Exitees "ARE WRONG" proves the assumption that "therefore any objection to the charitable action" "is an action of DISLOYALTY" to the "CAUSE" of destroying Mahraji.

That being so "YOU" [The Catholic Exitees and their supporters] therefore "CONCLUDE" that any such act is paramount to sacrilege and therefore viable to denouncement.

As a consequence "YOU" [from above] proceed to ex-communicate them [the unbeliever Protestants Exitees] and labelling them as devil worshippers.

That has been the approach of the torchbearers of the Cult Against Mahraji.