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M134 GE Minigun

With the introduction of helicopters to the modern battlefield, the M61 system was redesigned and scaled down for use as a helicopter weapon system. Designated the M134, this new weapon was similar to the M61A1 but it fired the much smaller 7.62mm percussion primed rifle cartridge. Capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute, the M134 was used on a number of helicopters, such as the UH-1 Iroquois, OH-6 Cayuse, and AH-1 Cobra, as well as the AC-47 gunship, during the Vietnam War. In these cases the M134 was part of an armament system and fired by either the pilot or co-pilot. The M134 also saw service in the Vietnam War as a infantry weapon. Capable of being carried into combat by hand. Usually assigned as a 'team' weapon, one infantryman would carry the weapon, the other the ammunition. When needed the two components could be connected in seconds. The M134 is equipped with a small internal rechargeable battery that provides power to the motor and ammunition drive mechanism. the M134 is a sturdy and reliable weapon, whose only major drawback is its appetite for ammunition. the weapon is rarely seen in a situation where easy access to ammunition supplies is an issue. However when deployed the M134 ensures the ability to lay down incredible amounts of suppression fire and protective cover to friendly troops.

The crew served version of the M134 is the GAU-17. Fired from a pintle mount on the helicopter fuselage, the GAU-17 is very similar to the M134 except that it is equipped with a "high" (4,000 rpm) and "low" (2,000 rpm) selector switch. The GAU-17 is currently in service on the UH-1N, H-3, and H-60 helicopters, as well as a number of American Special Operations aircraft and helicopters.

Statistical Data

Manufacturer: General Electric USA
Weight: 35.2 lbs (16.0 kg) for the gun. A fully loaded ammo box weights an additional 57.2 lbs (26.0 kg).
Range: 4,650.0 feet (1500.0 m).
Damage: 4D6 points of damage per round. A low speed burst inflicts 2D6 *100! a high speed burst inflicts 4D6 *100!
Rate of Fire: The M134 has 2 fire settings. Low and High. the low rate fires 50 rounds per melee (200 per minute). The high rate fires 100 rounds per melee (400 per minute)!
Payload: The M134 is usually fitted with a box ammo canister that is worn on the back of the gunner. The Ammo Box holds 2000 rounds, enough ammo for 10 low speed bursts or 2 high speed bursts (and 1 low speed burst).
Cost: $ 9,590.00 for a new undamaged gun. Plus ammunition costs.
Special Feature: No special features.
Bonuses: No bonuses
In Reality: In reality the M134 Minigun has a much higher rate of fire of actually 2000 and 4000 rounds per minute. I reduced the rate for Exo-Wars because the damage it would inflict would be too far off the scale.