Exotic in East County SD.
Seeking creative Lover.
Perhaps It's You ?
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Hello and welcome...
  Unable to continue to satisfy me,  I am half asian/caucasion, I have  recently relocated, (work related) and finally can seek an interesting & very handsome man for my lover.
  I am extreemly picky.. & crave frequent private adventures, but do not like frequent changes in partners. Prefer long term. Being cooperative will grant you pleasant surprises.

  I am sensual, yet shy & love adventures in bed. I must be dominated and therefore you have to be creative and in control. Only then will I please you. I am an exteemely intense lover, so much so I may hurt you or worry you.
  And then, I am very beautiful, I've been told so much so that it's hard to look at me ?

  My Needs are:

Intense Blue eyes, w/dark Hair. Chest hair a must. You will have to be at least 6' not over 6'3". If you have these features? Do you think you can please me? Then please contact me.

I reside in:
Approx: El Cajon, CA
Age: 37  ~  Aries
Athletic body
  5' 5'

Smokes occasionally
Drinks occasionally
College Grad
Works Full-time
Doesn't want (more) kids

Marital Status:   Single

Preferred Relationship Type(s):
  Committed Just Dating Friends Pen Pals Intimate/Physical

Interests:      Dancing Dining Music       Reading Sports

In your family, who are you known as? No answer
What do you expect on a first date? A kiss
What's your favorite season?      Summer
What would you want to have if you were stranded on a deserted island? A book
What do you tend to daydream about? You'll have to ask
What bothers you most? No answer
The coolest toy ever is... I dare not say
The perfect escape is a... Week   in Bali
How do you feel about pets?
I have one

       Not here ! Soon !
My Favorite Links:
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My Info:
Watch soon for Photo's...
With permission I will Post a picture of my chosen Lover...


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