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Should I Tell Or Shouldn't I Tell - That is The Question
Dear Exotica,

My interest in swinging began about 4 years ago as a  bi-curious female searching for my first experience. It quickly developed into having small gatherings of eroctic truth or dare at my house amongst friends with my husband.  We (my husband and I) started exploring this lifestyle together.    Well, my problem is that I have been so hot lately and he just isn't a sexual person.  Whereas I need it 3 times a day, he is satisfied with one a month or once every 7-8 weeks.  I have complained about it and have told him that I look at other men, but he does not take me seriously.  A few weeks ago, I went to a swing party and met someone. I am really attracted to him and have let him do some things to me. Now, my head is all fucked up and I want to tell on myself.  A friend told me that I was being selfish by wanting to tell.  That I just wanted to free my conscious.  Did I spell that right?  He is so wonderful to me and I should not have done that just because he will not have sex with me as often as I would like. I feel that I was wrong, but he should screw me when I need it too.  I thought about getting a permanent girlfriend (since he doesn't seem to have a problem with that), but I do not want to loose interest in him completely.  I know it can have because I have many friends who have left their men for women.

Hot & Horny with a conscious
in Yahoo, MD.
Dear  Hot & Horny with a conscious,

That's a tough one, and you're going to have to do some real hard thinking. Whatever you decide, don't do something you'll regret in the long run.  While honesty should be first and foremost, there are times when it isn't the best policy for a particular individual.

Omission is not always lying. If he knew about the party and encouraged you to go without him, I feel that was enough.  However, if you think that this is something that you in your heart can't live with you should tell him. You really need to sit down with him and stress your feelings on how frequently you need and want sex. I'm sure that if he loves you he will make an honest effort to fulfill your desires or allow someone else to help you out.

I applaude you wanting to tell him the truth, but you knew better than to get yourself in that situation in the first place.

If you can live with not telling him, I'm quite sure he can live with not knowing.

Good luck!

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