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Chic and Chuc's Erotica Unlimited
Chic and Chuc's Erotica Unlimited is just what it implys. We now do anything that will titillate and excite our customers. The dancing format that we were going to do, is still there if the customer wants it, but for now, we offer pictures of Chic and Chuc doing very sexual things to each other, and mostly these things are customer generated. Erotic pictures from tame photos of Chic and Chuc in cute and sexy costumes, to pictures that are XXX rated. The content of the pictures can be as hot and sexy as you wish. Anything from bouduoir pictures to total sex! We are now called: Chic and Chuc's Erotica Unlimited. Try us out, you'll love what you see.....

Our commitment to you our customer is the same as always too. We will strive to give you all that you want and will give you all the bang for your dollar that is possible. Thank you for continuing to come to our site, during the time of our non productiveness. We are now back, and setting up the pages that will be linked to this page. They will be pay sites, and will have the content that You wish. Email us or leave us a message on our message board and we will respond to your wants and desires of us. We will still be here for give you all that YOU wish for out of us. We have decided to set up the page with several sections. This section is the free section, and the other section is pay. You pay to become a member with all the privilages pertaining to that, and you will be able to access any picture of Chic and Chuc that you want from tame cute pictures to steamy hot raw sexy pictures of Chic and Chuc naked and doing anything to each other that you wish them to do. The paypal account is set up and soon the paypal logo will be on here so you can buy all that you wish of this beautiful and sexy couple. Thank you for being here for us. Chic and Chuc Claris

Regular Pictures for OUR customers:

This group of pictures will be tame. You the customer can tell Chic and Chuc what to do in these pictures but there will be no nudity. These pictures are tame and leave things hidden so the imagination can run wild.

A little extra, and more

We now have our cameras and scanners set up to give you the hottest and sexiest, wettest and hardest pictures available, of Chic and Chuc together. These two are hot and so very horny for each other. Tell us what you want in this group, and we will strive to make it hot and steamy for your every desire. VERY HOT!!

XXX Rated Pictures:

As this section of pictures will be the hottest and wettest and the hardest, of all, they will also be the most expensive too. But they will be well worth every dollar spent for them. Chic and Chuc are so hot together.

We have decided that no matter what you want us to do in the pictures, Chic and Chuc will always strive to make them classy and tastefully done, no matter what the content. You the customer deserves nothing but the best.....and we will always give OUR Best!!!!


We want everyone to know that this is not a site for children, and if You are under 18 please leave. The sexual content that will be on this page is not for minors, and is for adult entertainment only.

Paypal is set up and as soon as we get the logo onto this site, then you can buy your membership to access the complete site, or even buy CD's of Chic and Chuc pleasuring each other to the fullest extent of their pleasure. Nothing will be left out of the CD's that you order and want.

Chic and Chuc Claris are here to make sure that You our customers are totally satisfied with the pictures that can be gotten here. We hope that You come back often and tell all your friends about us. With a site like this, the more the merrier.....Thank You All.

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We here at Erotic Pictures by Chic and Chuc hope that you find what you are looking for as you come to our site. If you don't, email us or fax us and let us know just what you want, and we will do everything possible to give you what you desire. As always, email us, or fax us. Our fax number is: 1-508-664-5523 We look forward to serving your entertainment needs in the near future, and for a long time to come. Thank You for your patronage. ---Chic and Chuc Claris Whatever the occasions, we here at Erotic Pictures by Chic and Chuc would love to be here for You. If you desire to see sexy bouduare pictures that titilate and please, ask for them and we will get them taken for your pleasure.. Let us know what you want. We are here for you. Sign Guestbook View Guestbook Add Me! <BGSOUND src="//" LOOP="INFINITE"> Counter