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Does your lifted Polaris break front
cv-joints on a regular basis?

What is the first thing we do to our new $7000. quad?
Jump in the first mud hole we see, get stuck then add 28" mud tires in place of the lightweight 25's and a cv binding lift kit. Then we go back to the 3' deep butter soft, glue sticking MUD hole we got stuck in and attemp to cross it agian. With the extremely agressive mud tires and the few added inches of lift we succeed in making it to the other end of the hole, but there is a 2' embankment to crawl up before were free. Slowly easying up the embankment the front left tire rises off the ground, so we turn to the right, throttle it, spinning the tires trying to get the front left on the ground for the added traction. The right tire quickly grabs traction slamming the left tire on the ground, it gets tration, you start inching out of the hole and
CRACK. What was that? The left tire ain't turning wondering why in confustion we winch ourself out, to find that the left cv-joint is busted. What should I do know,?! Aftermarket cv-joints are to expensive, I just spent 7000. on this bike. The factory warrenty may cover this cv, but not 1-2 every weekend. I could cut the lift in half and still run the 28's, with only half a lift BUT, I would loose valuable ground clearance, and the people I ride with  are running a full lift and 28's with no problems, why can't I? Now you can. Over 65% of the cv-joints myself and the other that I ride with have broke becasue of overextending the wheels to the right or left with to much wheel spin, tires quickly grabbing tracktion. or a tire droped in a hole. In order to reduce the problem with cv failure we at AMERIAN 
have designed the "Steer Stop". Using this on Polaris atv's will eliminate over steering, reduing the chance of busting cv-joints ! Designed for quads with factory cv-joints the Steer Stoper also works great for quads with aftermarket cv-joints.                                               
American A T V introduces the
"Steer Stopper"

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Polaris ATV
Steer Stoper

Polaris Dual Battery Kit with Battery Box

Polaris Fan
Switch Kit

Polaris radiator reserve cap snorkel

Sportsman 600/700
Front Bumper

Sportsman 600/700
Rear Bumper

Sportsman 90
1" steel rear rack

Sportsman 90 front bumper

Xplorer 300 rear bumper

Sportsman 600/700
Floorboard Guards

Sportsman 500
Tranny Exaust Snorkel

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