SPECIAL NOTICE (there's always something, isn't there?)

Because Yahoo! Geocities descreased the maximum allowed transfer rate per hour, I had no choice but to switch to another web space provider. Of course, with every free service, there is some form of limitation. Whether it is content you can put on your site or how much web space you actually get. With this new provider, the largest file cannot exceed 300 KB!! So, no video clips or super high resolution images. Besides, a lot of my high-res 800 x 600 shots fall under 270 KB, so I think I'm good there. There was only ONE image I could not upload because it was over 300 KB. Anyway, go to my site now! (lol)


They have upset Janeway . . . my captain



Note: The picture being used to represent my feelings, is only 48 KB (chuckles)