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I carry Lancer, starring James Stacy and Wayne Maunder

Magnificent Seven, Firefly, Gunsmoke, Combat!, Miami Vice, Starsky & Hutch, and scripts from a great British Cop show from the early 80s - The Professionals.

Also Porky's which starred Wayne Maunder. The Quest with Tim Matheson and Kurt Russell. And a really special James Stacy movie script - a copy of his own script - ORDEAL.

Are you looking for a certain script or want info about Lancer? email me at: midlandstorms@aol.com

If you've never read a script before, it may suprise you to see how much detail and direction they go into. I love reading scripts as they often give you more insight into your favorite show or episode. Some are early versions so there were changes made by the time they filmed the show- and those are fun to read and compare with your script.

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