United Nations
freelance interpreter:

RUSSIAN - English German - French

can travel to Europe, including Russia or within former USSR

at his own expense.

Very good knowledge of Russian government officials,
businessmen and academic world of Russia.

Work Experience:

Worked as United Nations conference interpreter/translator/editor

in Moscow, New York, Geneva, Vienna,.

Worked as conference interpreter for the Organization (now Conference)

for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE-CSCE) in Helsinki, Geneva, Vienna and Belgrade -

also at the level of Heads of States and Foreign Ministers.

Graduate of:

1) - University Institute of International Relations, Moscow :
(specialization: Economics & International Politics; Conference Interpreter / Translator).

2) - University Institute of Finance and Economics, Moscow :
(postgraduate studies, Ph.D. in international economics).

3) - United Nations Special Training Course in Moscow for UN Interpreters / Translators.  

Corresponding documents and references available upon request.

Tel. / Fax / Voice mail in New York : + 1 718 471 2925

E-mail : UN_G@hotmail.com

You can request resumes of other interpreters or other additional information: UN_G@hotmail.com

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