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AG-DVC 200 E




Power Requirement:         DC12V (11 V to 17 V)
Power Consumption:       18 W (without VF)
Operating Temperature:   0 C to 40 C
Storage Temperature: .    20 C to 60 C
Operating Humidity:        10 to 80 %
Weight: Approx.               5 kg (range)
                                            Including lens, viewfinder, tape,
                                            and battery pack


Pick-up Device:                  Interline Transfer
                                              1/2" CCD Image sensor (x3)
Picture Element:                  480,000 pixels
Digital Quantization:         10 bits A/D
Digital Signal Processing: 14.1875 MHz
Sensitivity:                          2000 lux with F11
Minimum Illumination:      0.5 lux (+36 dB gain, F1.4)
Shutter Speed:                    1/60, 1/120 1/250, 1/500,
                                              1/1000, 1/2000-sec.
Syncro Scan:                       1/50.24 to 1/248.0-sec. (variable)
Optical Filter:                      3200K, 5600K+1/8ND,
S/N Ratio:                            60 dB (standard)
Horizontal Resolution:       800 lines (center)
Vertical Resolution:            450 lines/500 lines (Super-V)
Registration:                        Less than 0.05%  (all zones, without lens)
Gain:                                      0/+3/+6/+9/+12/+15/+18/+21/
                                               +24/+30/+36 dB
Optical System:                   f1.4 prism system
Lens Mount:                        1/2" bayonet mount
Format:                                   DV
Recording Track:
     Digital Video/Audio;      Helical Track
     TC;                                    Helical Track (Sub-Code area)
Tape Speed:                          18.812mm/sec. (SP mode)
Recording/Playback Time: 276 min.
                                                with AY-DV276MQ (SP mode)
FF/REW Time:                      Around 3 min.using AY-DV276MQ
Sampling Frequency:    Y: 13.5 MHz
Quantization:                 8 bits/sample
Error Correction:            Reed-Solomon Code
Bandwidth: Y:                30 Hz to 5.75MHz +1.0/.3 dB
Sampling Frequency/   48 KHz, 16 bits/sample
Quantization:                 32 KHz, 12 bits/sample
Frequency Response:  20 Hz to 20 kHz  (48 KHz sampling)
Signal Inputs
Mic In:            XLR balanced,
.                      60/.50/.40 dBu selectable
Audio In :        XLR (CH1/CH2), balanced,
                        MIC/LINE Switchable
MIC: .             60/.50/.40 dBu, selectable
LINE:              +4/0/.6 dBu selectable
Genlock:          BNC

Signal Outputs
DV Out:                  IEEE1394, 4-pin x 1
Camera Out:           BNC x 1, 1.0 Vp-p 75
Video Out:              BNC x 1, 1.0 Vp-p 75
Audio Out:             RCA x 2
S-Video Out:          4 pin x 1
Earphone:               Stereo mini jack (x 1)

LENS:                     12-pin
EVF:                        20pin x 1
DC In:                     XLR x 1
DC Out:                  4P x 1


Optional Accessories list

AJ-VF10      1.5" EVF
AJ-VF15      1.5" High-Grade EVF
AJ-MH700     Microphone Holder
YH18x6.7KP   Canon Lens (x18)*
YH14x7.3KRS  Canon Lens (x14)
S14x7.3BRM4  Fujinon Lens (x14)*
S17x6.6BRM4  Fujinon Lens (x17)
S19x6.5BRM4  Fujinon Lens (x19)
S19x6.5BERM4 Fujinon Lens (x19 with Extender)
AJ-B75       AC Adaptor
AU-M402H     Battery Holder
AJ-BP490     Ni-MH Battery
AJ-B450      Battery Charger for AJ-BP490
AU-BP402     Battery
AG-B425      Battery Charger for AU-BP402
Anton/Bauer Battery System

.Digital Trimpac 14 Battery (45Wh)
.Trimpac 14 Battery (45Wh)
.Proformer Battery (30Wh)
.ABC-800H Battery Charger/AC Adaptor
.ABP-100 Proformer Battery plus Battery
         Charger/AC Adaptor
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