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VHS Time-Lapse Video Cassette Recorder (PAL)

AG-TL350 is a 24-hour Time-Lapse VCR. This cost-effective AGTL350E unit is equipped with all major recording functions and more. Simple on-screen menu settings and a host of other convenient functions simplify operation, also the advanced Z Mechanism ensures highly reliable surveillance 24 hours a day.

Advanced Z Mechanism
A reinforced capstan motor gives this mechanism the durability it needs for heavy use. Reliability is further boosted by DLC processing, a new low-speed transport design for the time-lapse mode, and an innovative bearing design for the pinch rollers.

Sequential Switcher Connection
By using Panasonic (or other compatible) sequential switchers, automatic switching is possible, with the timing controlled by the AGTL 350.

Shorter FF/REW Times
Alarm search, Alarm Recall
Versatile Playback Function
Record Review Function
Quasi-V insertion On/Off
1-week Timer Backup
Rec input, Camera switching output, Auto-off output/Rec output
Summer Time Setting
Blue Screen Indication in None Recording Situation

Type 24hr VHS Time-Lapse
Power Source 220 - 240V AC+ - 10%, 50/60 Hz
Television System CCIR Standard, PAL Colour Signal; 625 lines, 50 fields
Video Recording System Four rotary heads, helical scanning system (VHS mode)
Modulation System  Luminance; FM azimuth recording Chrominance, Converted subcarrier phase shift recording
Audio Track 1 track
Tape Format VHS tape
Tape Speed 3H mode: 23.39 mm/sec
Recording Time Modes 3/6/12/24 hours with E180
FF/REW Time Less than 2 min. with E180
Horizontal Resolution  240+ lines (colour)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 45dB
Terminal Input Alarm, Alarm Reset, REC
Terminal Output Tape End, Warning/REC
Remote Control AG-A11 (Option)

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