Learning to Fly
Lesson 1 - Drinking from a fire hydrant

Lesson 2 - Take to the air

Lesson 3 - Bad Weather

Lesson 4 - Maybe God doesn't want me to fly

Lesson 5 - Lefty

Lesson 6 - Delta Lima

Lesson 7 - I Can't See

Lesson 8 - Flying Slow

Lesson 9 - Slam it in

Lesson 10 - Damn, it's cold

Lesson 11 - Cross training is a good thing

Lesson 12 - Ground Reference Maneuvers

Lesson 13 - Are we gonna hit those trees?

My name is Justin Hawkins.  I've recently started taking flying lessons at Rock Hill Aviation, in South Carolina.  My goal is to become a Flight Instructor while getting my commercial and IFR along the way.  I decided to document my training and share it online.  Each of my lessons are described below. 

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I will be adding more pictures as I take them, so be sure to check the Flying Photos link.

Last Update: 05/02/2008

Flying Photos
Cessna C172N "Delta Lima"
Cessna C172SP "Sierra Papa"
Rock Hill Aviation's Flight School
Lesson 14 & 15 - Left Leg Workout

Lesson 16 & 17 - Superstitious

Lesson 18 - Rainy Days

Lesson 19 - Emergency Procedures

Lesson 20 - Quick and Dirty

Lesson 21 - Pre-Solo?

Lesson 22 & 23 - Solo Flight!

Lesson 24 & 25 - Emergency Landings

Lesson 26 & 27 - Let's Cover Everything

Lesson 28 - Soft Fields and Short Fields

Lesson 29 - Soft Fields and Short Fields again...

Lesson 30 - Who Knows...

Lesson 31 - Family Trip
As you know, flying can be hazardous to your wealth. 
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Due to the wedding and honeymoon, I won't have any updates for a few weeks.  However, there are new pictures ------->