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Scorpio(Oct. 23 - Nov.21)

House: Eighth
Gemstone: Topaz
New age stone: Obsidian, amber
Color: Black, burgandy
Opposite sign: Taurus
Least Compatible with: Aries, Gemini
Ruling Planet : Pluto- Modern(Mars-Traditional)
Element: Water
Anatomy ruled: Reproductive system
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio
Your tarot card: XIII Death

Usually:Passionate, dynamic, sensual and probing.
Can be:Vindictive, moody, jealous and sadistic.

Scorpio is considered to be the most highly sexed sign in the zodiac. This personality is an explosion of physical and emotional energy.
Often highly intelligent and analytical, Scorpio's are capable of deep thought. They are ambitious and become very involved in their work.
In relationships Scorpio's are warm and charming but can be very intense and have a tendency to be possessive. They must be individually fulfilled or can become jealous and restless.

Ruling planet
Following the defeat of the Titans by the Jovian Gods, Pluto was given the Kingdom of the Underworld. One day while he was riding through the field of battle the Goddess Venus had her companion, Cupid, playfully shoot an arrow into the heart of Pluto.
Struck by Cupids arrow, Pluto fell in love with the first woman he saw, who happened to be Persephone, and carried her off into the underworld to be his bride.
Dead souls were escorted to the shores of the river Styx by Mercury where the boatman Charon rowed them across the river to Pluto's Kingdom. Many characters throughout mythology crossed the path of Pluto but Ulysses was the only one to successfully take the trip to Hades and return to earth.

Scorpio Love and Relationships

Scorpio and Aries Relationships
This combination is not a great one since there is no room for two heads in one household. These two are marked by very dominant temperaments. While the scorpio may like the aries from a sexual point of view, is more mundane interests would be constantly at odds. The scorpio can also be intimidated by the aries leadership and this may lead to some problems. Therefore, even if a relationship is possible, it probably wont last for long.

Scorpio and Taurus Relationships
This is a combination where they admire each other. There is a strong sexual urge between them where they will find much in common. However, jealousy is the big problem with these two and seems to always show its face. For the relationship to work, the taurus will have to be careful in keeping faith with his scorpion partner.

Scorpio and Gemini Relationships
These two will make a good match. With the scorpio, the gemini has found a mate that can surpass its urge for action. They both are a match from a mental standpoint, but sexually and physically, the gemini is too modest to meet the demands of the scorpio. The gemini desire for freedom of action will usually clash with the jealous and possessive nature of the scorpio. These two will have some difficulty rectifying their natures but love conquers all.

Scorpio and Cancer Relationships
These two will make a good match. Even if from time to time, jealousy may plague both, their great mutual ability to love deeply will usually limit periods of conflict. The scorpio is well equipped to cope with the cancer moods. The excess energy of the scorpio will usually act as strong tonic for the reticence of the cancer. Therefore, the scorpio and the cancer could well prove to be the ideal relationship.

Scorpio and Leo Relationships
These two will make a good match because their shinning personalities join together. They have alot in common, especially when the leo is the woman and the scorpio is the man. Jealousy plays a major role in relationship conflicts. This should make for one of the most compatible combinations, but long and happy relationship will depend on which sex is which sign.

Scorpio and Virgo Relationships
The two will probably make a good match. The virgo mind is very fascinated with the mysterious and intriguing nature of the scorpio. Out of all the signs, the scorpio is the most likely to be the one to curb the tendency to sulk of the virgo. The virgo respects the scorpio ability to analyze all situations and thereby sidesteps controversial issues before they they become grounds for an argument. However, for the relationship to work, the virgo will need to keep from hurting the pride of the scorpio.

Scorpio and Libra Relationships
These two signs make a good combination. There is much sympathetic magnetism between them. While the scorpio is the dominant one, the beauty and sense of fair play of the libra appeal to the good judgment of the scorpio. There is much to recommend this relationship, because they have many sympathies in common. The libra is sentimental and susceptible as a lover. This appeals to the scorpio dominant and possessive urges. For the relationship to work in the long run, the libra will need to avoid hurting the pride of the scorpio.

Scorpio and Scorpio Relationships
These two will make an odd match. The dominant, possessive, and jealous temperaments of each sing are things which both will have to handle with extreme consideration. They both are intense in their love nature, and can get just what they are looking for in each other. If one suddenly gets inconsiderate of the tender spots of the other, then the conflicts in the relationship will start.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Relationships
These two are not the best of matches. By nature, the scorpio is dominant and will have trouble in keeping the sagittarius partner under control. This freedom loving sign will surly bring out the worst in the nature of the scorpio. The Scorpio possessiveness will make life unbearable for the sagittarius. So, this is not a recommended relationship.

Scorpio and Capricorn Relationships
This is not an easy match. With the strong and powerful personality of the scorpio, the capricorn may clash, fighting for the last word when it comes to important decisions pertaining to household welfare. The capricorn can be mighty disagreeable when frustrated, and the scorpio will have to use the sting of the scorpio barb to move the capricorn goat from a set course. The emotional incompatibility usually becomes unbearable for the relationship to handle.

Scorpio and Aquarius Relationships
This is usually a hard combination to cope with. The unpredictable aquarius is too much for the scorpio temperament. The aquarius has many outside interests and this does not sit well with the nature of the scorpio. By nature, the aquarius is too reserved for the passionate scorpio. The scorpio wants to possess the person and the aquarius the world. Therefore, without some mature attitude adjustment, it will be difficult to maintain this relationship in the long run.

Scorpio and Pisces Relationships
These two can make a good match. The positive qualities of the pisces are not appreciated by the scorpio who feel that possessiveness is his own sacred domain. The latching on of pisces has the sympathies of the scorpio, but respect is soon lost for the weaker partner in the relationship. However, there is an intuitive bond between the two that they will find agreable. There is also attraction, emotion and feelings that they both like. But for the relationship to work in the long run, the partners will need to see clearly and realistically once in a while.

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Numerology Compatibility

Scorpio's are capable of deep thought. They are ambitious and become very involved in their work.
Numerology uses numbers to analyze personality and predict events. The vibration of your birth number determines your temperament. Each number carries a particular vibration, odd numbers are more powerful and therefore regarded as masculine, even numbers are softer and feminine.
One of the most interesting uses of the Chinese Zodiac is exploring the compatibility of signs. That is, which duos will make good lovers? friends? partners?
It is believed that the zodiacal signs originated in Mesopotamia as early as 2000 BC when ancient astronomers recorded the sun's yearly journey across the celestial sphere.

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