1991-1995 Toyota MR2 Microfiche Diagrams

1991 Toyota MR2 Online Service Manual (Big Green Books [BGB])

Toyota Electronics Parts Catalog (EPC) Install Info

Common Problems MKII MR2 owners have and their solutions

The Low Budget Project MR2

1996+ JAP Spec 3S-GTE Upgrade Swap Info (245ps stock!)

Trick Radar Detector Installation

 Information on the Twin Turbo upgrade from MechTech for the MR2 (Discontinued)

Read about turbo charging an MR2 NA (5S-FE)

Explanation of the ECU Trouble Codes for MKII MR2s

How to clean a MKII NA Throttle Body

eXtreme MR2 Collection

My MR2

MR2 Show Car Slideshow

This site catalogs all the body kits available for the MKII : MR2 Tuning


Check out some of the hot products that only RPM Motor sports makes for the MKII Turbo & NA!

A list of Toyota dealers that give discounts on parts (TRD and stock) to MR2 Owners Nationwide


Japanese Spec MR2 Turbo VS Integra Type-R

Japanese Spec MR2 Turbo VS Mazda RX-7 TT

Japanese Spec MR2 Turbo VS Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo

Modified MR2 Turbo VS Acura NSX


Check out this girl getting naked on my MR2! ;-)

More Hot Girls taking it off on an MR2

Time for another MR2 FAQ? Reoccurring topics on the MR2 mailing list!

Download Lap timing program for Windows (S.U.P.R.A.)

McLaren F1 Screen Saver

How to remove "The Boot" parking enforcement device from your tire

Want to know 0-60 times?
Want to know if your MR2 could smoke another type of car?
How about modifying your car before you spend any money?

Then download CarTest a freeware DOS program that includes:

Download the all new CarTest 2000 demo for Windows!

 (Requires the Sun Java Runtime Environment, get it here).



Sega Rally 2 (Featuring a 3S-GTE Powered Celica All-Trac)

Rally Championship 2000

Colin McRae Rally


Test Drive 6

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit


Test Drive Le Mans

F1 World Grand Prix 99

Superbike: (coming soon)

Sega ManxTT

Motor Racer 2

Castrol Honda Superbike 2000

Superbike World Championship

AMA Superbike

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