7" Records: All Records are - 4€


*Disturbance Project / Rabies split (fastcore vs. grindcore from czech)

*Kobra XI / S.I.K.A. split (Czech and Slovakian thrashcore)

*Heist - Pain is Causing Life EP (West Australian hardcore)

*Tampere SS - Sotaa EP (80's legendry hardcore from Finland)

*Life's A Riot - s/t EP (Crust with female vocals,in the vein of Diaspora)

*VA - Lippajarvi Klapptrask (Agenda / Diaspora / Pax Americana / Wasted)

*Your Kingdom is Doomed / Nikmat Olalim split (Turkish Hardcore vs Israilian hc/punk)

*Sick Terror / Fuck Hate Propaganda split   (Brazilian hardcore)

*Mass Genocide Process / Dreschflegel split (Czech crust vs. Austrian excellent Power Violence)

*Lycanthrophy / Nesoucast Stroje split (Czech grindcore)

*Ulcerrhoea / Sivilmurha split (grindcore)

*Escapado - s/t EP (German excellenct metalcore)

*Capital Death - s/t EP (Canadian Hardcore)

*VA - At War Now compilation (Capitalist Casualities/ Blindspot AD/ Agathocles/ Unholy Grave/ Bizarre X/ Yacöpsae etc..)



*Alienation Mental - Ball Spouter CD  -8€  (grind)

*Ahumado Granujo - Chemical Holocaust CD -8€ ( i still have a "shaped" version of this CD.)

*Cerebral Turbulency - Germ of Error CD  -8€ (cool grindcore band from Ceska)

*D.D.T. - 1981/1991 Cd-r 4€ (Legendry Bulgarian Punk band)

*Harc-i Alem - Hayvanlagin Alemi CD-r 2€(Turkish Punk-Rock)

*Lamant - Demo CD-r 2€ (hardcore from Belarus.Nice job!)

*Mushroom Attack - The Fight Goes On - 8€ (Suberb hardcore band from Holland with female vocals)

*Nintendo Police - I Suggest We Don't Fuck Around CD -10€ (Fastcore with clean vocals. One of best stuff, i ever distrubute)

*Rashit - Telasa Mahal Yok CD 8€ (Turkish Punk rock band)

*Ruins - 1986-1992 Discography CD - 8€

*Radical Noise - Make A Wish CD  8€ (Turkish hardcore band.)

*Self Torture - Mislead CD 7€ (Metalcore from Ankara/Turkey)

*Step On It - Kýll Someone and Be A Star CD-r 3€ (Hungarian fastcore band. Pro printed coverart.Nice band.)

*Step On It - Street Folklore MCD

*VA - Garanterat MOB 47 - A Tribute to Mob 47+Live bootleg bonus CD-r 3$

*The I Skandal - Under the Same Sky CD  -5$ (Maltese band)

*VA - Festahwid Compilation -Maltese Bands- CD  -5$ (Maltese bands compilation)

*VA - Global Terror Punk Addicts CD-r (Bands like El Nudo/Bjelke Petersen Youth/John Lennon/ Screwface/ Sylvester Staline etc..) 3€


DIY Tapes: (all tapes are 2€/3$)

3Way split Acroholia / Yacöpsae / Entrails Massacre

3 Way split Agathocles/Masher / Rot

3 Way split Enemy Soil / Suppression / Mrtva Budoucnost

3 Way split Malignant Tumour / Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

3 Way split Subcut / Entrails Massacre/ Hekatombe

3 way split Tape - Dahmer / Diarhee Mentale / Carcass Grinder

4 Way split Los Rezios/ Beersystem / Solitary Neglect / Ulcerrhoea

Absolutions - Paska Sessions (80's hardcore,released by Sukk Prods.)

Active Minds - Against The Grain

Active Minds / Unholy Grave split Tape

Agathocles – Use Your Anger

Agathocles / Embolism split tape

Agathocles / Muggles split live tape

Agathocles / Tekken split

Agathocles / Ulcerrhoea split tape

Aus Rotten – “We are Denied They Deny It” Demos

Aus Rotten – s/t

Biter split tape – Broken heart Infusion / The Snop (Turkish Noise Project)

Concrete Sox – Your Turn Next

Cripple Bastards - Punks not Music

D.I.A / Agathocles split tape

Diskonto - Promodemo

Discontrol – s/t

Disrupt – Live Twice

Encounter – Lost Generation (Turkish Grindcore band)

Extinguish – demo

Flux Of Pink Indians – Tribal AntiWar

GISM – s/t

Hellshit – Demo  Collection  (MFL release)

Hiatus – s/t

Hole In The Wall – Leach (Best Death Metal record ever in Turkey)

Homomilitia – Twoje Cialo , Twoj Wbor

Jobbykrust / Boycot split tape

Kansandemokratia – Populatiot Pois

Katastrofialue – s/t

Kontrovers – s/t

Kuro – s/t

Mihoen / No Men split tape

Mrtva Budoucnost / Active Minds split tape

Necrosis / Up to Date split tape (Turkish vs italian hc)

Nasum - Domedagen

Nausea – Productive not Destructive

Necrosis – Chaotic Times (Another hardcore band from Istanbul/Turkey)

Rashit / Active Minds split tape

Rashit / third World Planet split Tape

Radical Noise – Approved (Their Debut stuff from most important hardcore band from Anatolia)

Regenaracion – s/t

Rot – Live in Londrina

Rot / Voltiphobia split tape

Siege - DropDead  -2€

Scream – Inleten Nagmeler (Hardcore band from Konya / Turkey)

Skullkrusher – Deathsquad

Slyvester Staline / Corey split tape

Stockholm hardcore 1983-1986 (Discard,Mob47,Crudity,Agoni,Protes Bengt,Röjers)

Strong Intention / Cripple Bastards split Tape

Unseen Terror – Human Error

VA – Proud to be Gay compilaiton

VA - Sound of the World : TURKEY

VA – Turkish Hardcore compialtion

Violent Headache – Psychoneurosis

Warsore – s/t


Pro-done Tapes

Endstand / Bora split tape 3€

Crunch - The Love Album 4€ (One of best hardcore album from Turkey)

Rashit - Telesa Mahal Yok 4€ (Punkrock from Turkey.Their first album)

Rashit - Adam Olmak Ýstemiyorum 4€ (More Ska influenced punkrock. 2nd album of the band)

Radical Noise - Plan B 4€ (Metalcore/Crossover from album. Their lastest album.)

(Ask for possible wholesale rates)



*Impact Drill #2 (Featuring interviews with Barbatos and One Step Beyond; Detailed underground metal scene reports of Hungary, India, Macedonia and Sardinia/Italy; Neuropathis and Third Degree tour reports; Over 180 reviews on album ,demos, vinyl records, compilations and fanzines; sick artworks, photos and drawings; Flood of underground contacts; Totally English written 48 A5 pages with underground layout and without waste of space. )
*Inhuman Interest Dept #2

*Kuzeyden Aparkat split Fanzin

*Aparkat #2

*Aparkat #1


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