1969 Pontiac GTO
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Due to the block being a later 400, the engine mount on the right side had to be modified with a bracket to retain the stock position in the car.
I'm removing most of the undercoating from under the car, there's a good 32 years worth of undercoating pasted to the floorboards.  The front floorboards are in excellent shape, the pass rear has a patch and the trunk was replaced at one time.
I've decided to remove as much of the undercoating as I possibly can while I have the engine and tranny out.   I'll throw a coat of paint on the floorboards and that will work just fine until I have a chance to pull the body off the frame. 
  I have some future plans for the GTO;  I plan on installing an over drive tranny, I'm not sure if it will be a standard or an automatic, the rear 10 bolt will be replaced with a Ford 9 inch with rear disc brakes.   The front suspension will be upgraded with tubular upper control arms, new ball-joints, tie rods(etc.), and polyurathane bushings through out.  Boxed trailing arms and new polyurathane bushings will help stabalize the rear.   I'm currently searching for a hide away head light front end for the car and I plan on painting the car and tucking a set of 16 inch rims under the wheel wells.  More work is being done to the car, check it out by clicking next.
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Just about finished only a little more detailing to do.