SMPP Client Component

SMPP Client Delphi/Kylix Component &
ActiveX SMPP Client with VisualBasic
& ASP (Active Server Page) Sample

1. Download:
2. Documentaion

3. Contact me if you interesting :

4. Comply with version 3.4 of SMPP Protocol

5. Speed
~300 SMS per second SUBMIT_SM using AerSoft SCTT on Solaris

6. Screenshot client demo:

7. Sample communication at my site:

RCX RECV: Rcx Connected.
TCX RECV: Tcx Connected.
RCX RECV: bind Rcx OK
TCX RECV: bind Tcx OK
TCX RECV: +SUBMIT OK ID : 5e19a977   ( get id from SMSC )
RCX RECV: +QUERY_RES 5e19a977:2:000 ( message delivered without error see Table 5-6 page 130 of spec )


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