The EZ Reel is Reel EZ! A clever new, push-button fishing product that automates the use of a standard rod and reel. Now any angler, young or old, novice or expert, especially the physically challenged can enjoy fishing. Light, medium, heavy duty and custom orders available. The EZ Reel can be mounted to any boat chair, folding chair or wheelchair. Also, if desired, you may want to ask Andre about his custom built, Auto-Casting Bait-Launcher! Exclusive U.S. Patent. This device has been featured in several major publications. For orders, testamonials, interviews and additional information on the latest technical upgrades contact the inventor: Mr. Andre Dobbins, 1025 St. Rd. 37 S., English, IN  47118. 812.338.4380. ezfishing@yahoo.com.
Shipped by the truckload Handcrafted by Andre
Three Popular Models
Reel EZ 2 Catch Custom Orders Available
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