Federico Pacis


  • Designed a tier 2 LAN/WAN infrastructure.
  • Uncovered SNMP flaw in Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system.  Worked with Microsoft to resolve problem.  Article Q296672 explains in detail of the problem.
  • Built MRTG program for trend analysis monitoring.
  • Built Nagios for automated network and computer monitoring.
  • Built HP Openview for monitoring network and computer nodes.

 Professional Work Experience

Saddleback Memorial Healthcare     December/2001-Current     Network Engineer

  • Designed VLAN network infrastructure using 802.1q trunking with Cisco 4500 series, 3500 series, 3700 series, and 6509 switches. 
  • Configured Cisco 6509 layer three modules for route switching and DLSW peer bridging.
  • Configured OSPF routing on Cisco 4700, 7206, 2800, 3800 series routers.
  • Architected WAN infrastructure to provide redundancy using DS3, layer two fiber circuits and Cisco routers.
  • Designed, implemented, and supported wireless infrastructure using 802.11abg with PEAP authentication.
  • Designed, implemented, and supported wireless bridging infrastructure for redundant connectivity.
  • Connected remote sites with VPN connectivity using IPSEC.
  • Built, configured, and designed Windows 2000, Windows 2003 servers.  Supported hospital applications.
  • Built and configured a Host Integrated Server (SNA replacement in Windows 2000) for wireless cart deployment. 
  • Designed and built Nagios monitoring software on Ubuntu version 6 Linux platform to provide 7x24x365 monitoring of routers, switches, and servers.  Configured for email and paging services to provide ease of support on a 7x24x365 basis.
  • Configured MRTG for trend analysis on network and server utilization.
  • Sniffed the network using OBSERVER for proactive discovery of possible bottlenecks.     

 Sitelite     January/2001-October/2001     Senior Network Installation/Support Engineer

  • Worked with the development group to build an SNMP product as part of a value-added service to customers.
  • Architected, configured and maintained company’s redundant remote network infrastructure.
  • Implemented IPSEC VPN from headquarters to remote site connectivity between Pix firewalls. Implemented client VPN capability to the remote site with TACACs authentication and authorization.
  • Configured HP Openview to monitor SNMP enabled network devices.  
  • Worked with Microsoft to fix an SNMP issue with their Windows 2000 operating system.
  • Proposed network redesigns to Sitelite customers to fit the the scope of work that Sitelite would provide.
  • Configured customers’ Cisco routers and switches to allow Sitelite the ability to monitor equipment. 
  • Configured Alteon load balancers and F5’s BigIP to allow SNMP monitoring.
  • Worked with customers’ firewall groups to make necessary port changes or accessibility for monitoring compliance.
  • Built Windows NT/W2K servers as monitoring servers with company's proprietary software to allow remote monitoring of client systems.
  • Tested and reconfigured customers’ Unix, Linux, and Windows NT/2000 servers to allow monitoring capability.
  • Installed Sitelite’s proprietary software on customers’ Unix, Linux, and Windows NT/2000 boxes for monitoring capability.

 Datum   December/1999-December/2000     Senior Network Engineer

  • Lead position, providing support to Network Administrators and Network Managers across the WAN.
  • Reconfigured company’s national wide area network using Cisco routers. 
  • Configured and maintained Pix 510 firewall with IPSEC VPN capability using TACACS authentication and authorization.
  • Procured circuits from line providers.
  • Extended provider’s T1 lines from the demarcation point.
  • Configured and maintained Cisco switches.
  • Compiled Multi-Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) program to monitor SNMP enabled devices for bandwidth usage, CPU, disk, and NIC utilization on servers, routers and switches.
  • Configured Whats UP Gold to monitor SNMP traps from SNMP enabled devices.
  • Setup MRTG and WhatsUp Gold to email server and network device status for 7x24x365 coverage.
  • Setup Insight Manager to monitor Compaq hardware.
  • Responsible for the global Windows NT master domain spanning across the country.
  • Built, maintained, and troubleshot issues on Windows NT, Terminal server, Citrix Metaframe, and Exchange servers.
  • Built and maintained DHCP, WINS, IIS, FTP, and DNS applications on NT systems.
  • Built syslog server to maintain logs for network devices.
  • Used NetxRay to sniff network for possible bottlenecks.
  • Backup administrator to the PBX administrator of Lucent Affinity PBX and voicemail systems. Created accounts, phone numbers, voicemail for users, troubleshot wiring issues, and punch down connections for new wiring.
  • Diagramed network using Visio.
  • Maintained backups with ArcServe backup software.

 Nextlink     September/1997 – December/1999     Senior Network Engineer

  • Lead position managing five network administrators across northern and southern California.
  • Built and maintained WAN and LANs spanning throughout the United States.
  • Configured Cisco switches with fiber cross-connects and VLAN segmentation.
  • Configured AS5200 access routers using ISDN PRI circuits and TACACS for RAS dial-in authentication and authorization plus dial-out access for virtual modem bank.
  • Implemented video conferencing using ISDN BRI lines and Polycom Viewstations.
  • Designed and implemented H.323 architecture using the existing network bandwidth.
  • Configured, maintained and troubleshot Windows NT - servers/domain servers, Unix -Solaris, DNS, Intranet - IIS, DHCP, WINS, and file/print servers.
  • Administrator of the NT domain and backup services using Backup Exec.
  • Proactive monitoring of systems on a 7x24 basis using Whats Up Gold, Netview, Kaspia, RMON probes and network issues with a sniffer and an HP 6000 protocol analyzer. Tested down circuits with a telecom T-Bird line tester.
  • Procured network equipment and lines from vendors.
  • Configured out-of-band network using Remote Service Management modules (RSM) for emergency connectivity.
  • Built LAB for testing new products and testing new LAN/WAN designs.
  • Documented all network and hardware configurations for standardization.

Ikon Office Solution (formerly MicroAge) October/1995 – August/1997     System Engineer

  • Consulting position maintaining Ikon customers’ server networks consisting of Windows and Novell servers.
  • Configured and maintained Exchange servers, NT file/print servers, NT domains, DNS, DHCP, WINS, RAS, and SNA services.
  • Configured and maintained company Rapture firewall.
  • Maintained customer LAN/WAN backbones.
  • Implemented Microsoft’s Remote Access Service (RAS - dialup).
  • Supported Department of Economic Security’s network consisting of Cisco 2515 Token Ring routers, Bay Network hubs, Windows NT PDC/BDCs and workstations.  This was a contract.
  • Provided help desk technical support for Ikon customers.

BTG Corporation     August/1994 – October/1995     Network Field Engineer

  • Contracted to Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to assist in the design and implementation of a Windows NT network.
  • Managed Windows NT and Novell servers.
  • Troubleshot and repaired network performance and connectivity problems.
  • Board level repair of equipment such as printers and computers. 

 E.O.M.C.    May/1993 – August/1994     Network Field Engineer

  • Contracted to Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to assist in the design and implementation of a Windows NT local area network.
  • Managed Windows NT and Novell servers.
  • Troubleshot and repaired network performance and connectivity problems.
  • Board level repair of equipment such as printers and computers. 

Technical Expert in the following:

  • WAN:  Frame Relay, T1, DS3, ISDN (PRI and BRI), Layer two fiber optics
  • LAN:  (10/100/1000) Ethernet, Token Ring, 802.11abg wireless, fiber, Etherchannel
  • Firewalls:  Rapture, Pix
  • Network devices: Cisco routers - 1710, 2500 series, 2621, 3640, MC3810, 7000, 7513, AS5200 and 810 Access Routers, Cisco 350, 1310, 1440 Access Points and bridges, Cisco catalyst switches - 6509 with MSFCs and 720s, 2924FX, 2924XL, 4000, 4500,3700, 3500 series, 5513, 3com switches, Kentrox CSU/DSU, Adtran CSU/DSU and mux
  • Monitoring and diagnostic:  NetXray, Sniffer, Observer, HP Protocol Analyzer, Netsaint, MRTG, Whats UP Gold, Netview, HP Openview, Insight Manager, T-bird line tester
  • Services:  SNMP, DNS, WINS, DHCP, SNA
  • Operating Systems:  Windows NT/2000, Unix – Solaris, Linux, DOS, Novell
  • Subsystems:  Exchange, IIS, Apache, Citrix Metaframe, Terminal Server, MS SQL
  • Media:  video conferencing, Lucent Infinity PBX system
  • Hardware:  Cisco, Adtrans, Kentrox, Dell, Compaq, HP, RAID


  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • A+ hardware certified


  • Midak Education Center                      Phoenix, AZ
  • Hewlett Packard Education Center              Anaheim, CA
  • Chattanooga State                               Chattanooga, TN