Seems I've been camping a few times, dunno why coz to be honest all I end up doin is shivering all night. But i guess I dont learn! so here is a page of all things camping...
We found a campsite and put the tent up. Not a v.good picture but Me, Ruth and Joe are sitting in the tent.
Here are some pictures I took when i went to Weston Super Mare with Ruth, Laura, Joe and Price...
Ruth and Price on the way to the camp site. When I say 'on the way to' I mean 'Looking for'
Some pictures of a beach we found...
These are some pictures from the BYFT ( a youth theatre camp I went on.) It was really ace and I met some wicked ppl!! Loadsa funny stuff happened- most of it involving Aliss (I'll get you back for the first night i swear!! But even though it was real harsh of you to run away with my jeans, I guess it was pretty tight to hang your bra in the tree! It wasn't my idea by the way and it was Jon that did it!) Then there was the we really are flydds!
All of us at the station on the way home.
Some ppl from my drama group: Lucy H, Jon, Aliss (with a huge graze up her leg which she got from making her...errr-graceful entrance! Gave every1 a great impression of the C&T bunch there Aliss!) Dan, Mark(looking disgusted) Sara and Grace!
Mark and Aliss under our tree!
Sara, Aliss and the other Sara in our tent!
Pile on!!
Some other ppl we met, yeh they were fun...
Me by our little fire we made!!
Me and Gabrielle! She was a really cool girl I met! All the other americans were nice too!! lol- ppl that had heard of olp!!
Me and Rosie went to Aberystwith for a few nights in the was a total hole but we had fun!!
Rosie sat on the hill that we walked 5 miles over past a loada dead sheep to get to the town
Well i gotta rest sumtime 'ent I? It's not like I slept at all in the was soooo cold!!
We went to Borth for the day, equally as much as a dive as Aberystwith but it was a good day!
lol ...the town was miles away so we didn't have alot 2 eat...u cant't beat cereal, bread and marshmallows for breakfast, lunch and tea everyday for 3 days though can you??
Rosie with 2 ppl we met at the camp site called Terry and Kath, they were so nice!! We had fun hangin at their tent and they made us breakfast before we went so that was nice!!  Now we'll always know how to blag free champagne and a super posh hotel suite!! lol!! They were ace!!
Jon in the taxi on the way! 150 worth of taxi fare to cardiff- free!! haha!! lol the taxi was well fun!
I dunno if it counts as campin, more like being tramps but we camped out so I guess it is... pics from when Me, Ruth, Jon and Prah (who else!?) camped out in Cardiff to get tickets for 1 big weekend!! It was so worth it and it was such a laugh!!
How cool was it sledging down sand dunes!!!
I dunno who took this coz it was about 5, probably Ruth when i woke her up 4 her headphones :-/ she weren't best pleased! lol
Ruth, Jon and Prah bein boring sods!
Ruth, Jon and Prah- the person in the background was cool, he was the guy with the good music!! it's thanks to him that at 4am every1 was singin and clappin to THE DARKNESS!!!