Abbey Road Apple - SO 383 October 1, 1969
Abbey Road sent a message to fans that this was the last album the Beatles would make. And The Beatles themselves wanted to end their Beatle career with an excellent display of their talent. Absolutely filled with great songs, this album is timeless to listen to. Although not the last album released, Abbey Road contains the last songs they recorded. "Golden Slumbers" was the last chronologically. When the album was released, fans thought that the real Paul McCartney had died and a look-a-like replacement person had taken his place. Hints on this album cover included his bare feet, cigarette and the license plate 28-IF on the white Volkswagen.

Above: This is the first North American release of Abbey Road - front and back covers. The record label is displayed at the right. I bought this album in 1969 and had learned how to take good care of records by this time. I also had a better quality record player. It's in pretty good condition considering the age and the million times its' been played.

See Below: 1980 Audiophile Release of Abbey Road was limited to 200,000 copies worldwide. This copy is in absolutely mint condition. The yellow stripe at the top of the cover differs it from the original as well as the Capitol logo instead of the Apple on the back cover at lower left.

These vinyl records were made exclusively by the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and pressed by The Victor Company in Japan (a.k.a. JVC) on SuperVinyl. Abbey Road (MFSL 1-023), Magical Mystery Tour (MFSL 1-047, 1981) and The White Album (MFSL 2-072, 1982) were the first Beatles albums to be released as Audiophile recordings. In 1982, all their remaining LP's were released individually as MFSL 1-100 to MFSL 1-109. A Box Set called The Collection 1963-1970 The Beatles (BC-1) was also released in 1982. This included 13 Album titles and Geo disc. Included were Abbey Road, Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles For Sale, Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Yellow Submarine, and Let It Be.

Original Release North American Apple Record Label

Above: Clean record labels with sharp spindle holes grade this vinyl in Mint+ condition. This vinyl also shines bright.


Left: All Audiophile releases were packaged in a non-static clear plastic jacket and inserted inside this cardboard inner cover. This protected the vinyl from possible damage while pulling the album from the outer jacket for playing.