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The work on the site is almost done, I think. I am trying to figure out how to put updates on this site instead of putting them on the main site, that way if you just visit here you'll know there are updates. I know what I want to do now I just have to find the code for it! Hopefully it won't take long. Enjoy the new story and I will try to put more up later on today. KTBPA4EVER!!

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*Disclaimer* We don't know the backstreet boys or anyone else famous who happens to pop into these stories. We don't know anyone affiliated with them or anyone who is related to them. Sorry...we can't make a hook up so don't ask!! Oh, and if we could make a hook we would for anyone but us. I mean come on, THINK ABOUT IT! Everything here is fiction..not real, fake and pretend. None of this EVER happened.

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