Rory Storm & The Hurricanes

Rory Storm -vocals (born Alan Caldwell, died September 28th 1972)

Johnny Guitar - guitar/vocals (born John Byrnes, born 1940, died August 18th 1999)

Ty Brian - guitar/vocals (died 196?)

Lu Walters - bass/vocals

Brian Johnson - drums

(line-up as early '63)


Although music historians will always remember them as the band that Ringo Starr left to join The Beatles, Rory Storm & The Hurricanes were once one of the leading groups in Liverpool. Known for his wild stage act, Storm and his band were very popular in their home city and had been around since the Fifties when they played skiffle music as The Raving Texans.

Despite numerous changes in personnel, particularly on the drummers' stool, they soldiered on throughout the sixties sticking to their rock 'n' roll roots and refusing to adapt to changes in the musical tastes of their audience.

Their single "America" was the first record to be produced by Brian Epstein.



Dec '63

Dr. Feelgood/I Can Tell

Oriole CB 1858


Nov '64

America/Since You Broke My Heart

Parlophone R 5197