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Computer Science is the main field of study, so most of the website is dedicated to programming. Internet related technologies, graphical design applications and computer images treatment are found on this website.

Related to computers, there's the 3D animation. Of course not the traditional animation but the computer aided animation. I think this advance in Computer Graphics is great, because it allows to create audiovisual products with low budget and day by day with improved quality.

I've been wondering how tridimensional concepts work using computers since I watched the movie TRON. After that the "Money for nothing video" impressed me a great deal. So I decided to improve my knowledge by learning 3D design using different tools.

After reviewing different galleries on each application I just can conclude that what really matters is not the application itself, but the artist's skills and imagination.

Pictures is one of my hobbies. Athough I'm not a professional photographer (as you can see on the pages below) I like shooting at interesting images coming to my eyes. Fortunatelly with the growing of digital technologies it's easier to obtain quality images with a little knowledge of optics theory.

Fabian Mejia