Fábio Almeida in a nutshell.
Fábio Almeida em poucas palavras.


        I feel very fortunate to have grown up in a family with seven children and a very limited income. This taught me the values of sharing and the appreciation for what you have. What I lacked in material possessions, I made up for in resourcefulness, and from this I learned the ability to see solutions to problems which others see as insurmountable. Though we were poor, we valued education, and our parents instilled in all of us at an early age the love of learning.
          My life has always been a roller-coaster ride of changes. I went from living in a very small town where I often had to fetch water in a bucket and carry it on my head back home, to a major metropolis of over three million people and high-rise apartment buildings. I have lived in the remote jungle of Ceará region of Brazil, and the "concrete jungle" of New York.
          I have extensive experience with different cultures. I have traveled through ten different countries in four continents; I also have lived in different countries, as well as with people of different cultures with in these countries. This includes not only different nationalities such as Brazilians, Americans, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Mexican and Africans; but those of different faiths, such as Buddists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and Spiritualists, etc.
       My educational history has also introduced variety into my life. I attended both a university and a seminary in Brazil and three universities in the United States; majoring in History, Theology, Fine Arts, Spanish and Education.
       I am excited about the opportunities that the internet presents for the whole world to come together and communicate freely, without political boundaries or physical barriers. I hope that we can use this new technology wisely to educate the next generation to open their minds and overcome the handicaps of bigotry, racism, sexism, religious biases and xenophobia which plague our current world.

        Estou muito contente com as oportunidades que a internet apresenta ao mundo. Agora estamos mais próximos uns dos outros e podemos nos comunicar livremente sem barreiras políticas ou geográficas. Espero que possamos usar esta tecnologia sabiamente, para educarmos as próximas gerações com mentes abertas e assim esperamos que elas vençam as dificuldades das discriminações, racismos, sexismos, ignorâncias religiosas e xenofobias de que o mundo de hoje está cheio.


I love animals / adoro os animais

I was born in Caruaru, Brazil and lived in Recife, at Boa Viagem Beach untill I came to the USA. Now I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I have a degree from SUNY Binghamton.

Nasci em Caruaru , vivi em Recife na praia de Boa Viagem até 1982, quando vim para os EUA. Agora vivo no estado da Carolina do Norte. Sou formado pela Universidade Estadual de Nova York "SUNY Binghamton".

Return / Retorne.