free log <body text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" link="#0000FF" vlink="#990000" alink="#4444FF" background="backgd3.jpg"> Keywords: fractals, mandelbrot set, fractal, julia sets, quaternion, quaternion julia sets, Mandelbrot, Julia <hr size=4> <font size=-1> Your browser doesn't support frames. This site is best viewed with <a href="">Netscape 3.0 <img src=""></a>, or an equivalent browser that supports <b>JavaScript</b> and <b>frames</b>. <br> You can always access this no-frames version of this site. If you have troubles accessing it, please <a href="mailto:fabioc">let me know</a> </font> <hr size=4> <p><center><img src="newtitle.gif" border=0 height=143 width=400></center></p> <b><p> Many people have probably been fascinated by the infinite complexity and beauty of fractals. I wrote this brief tutorial to explain, in simple terms, how the <a href="mandelbrot.html"><nobr>Mandelbrot set</nobr></a> and <a href="julia.html"><nobr>Julia sets</nobr></a> are generated. This document provides an informal introduction to these subjects, and is only intended to be a starting point to learn more about fractals and fractal geometry.<br> You can contribute to the future development of this site by filling out the <a href="feedback.html">feedback form</a>. <br><br> Comments and suggestions are very appreciated. </p></b> <p>Have fun!</p> <p> <center> <a href="complexn.html">About complex numbers</a><br> <a href="mandelbrot.html">Mandelbrot set</a><br> <a href="julia.html">Julia sets</a><br> <a href="gallery.html">Images gallery</a><br> <a href="explore10.html">Guided tour in the Mandelbrot set (1)</a><br> <a href="explore20.html">Guided tour in the Mandelbrot set (2)</a><br> <a href="quaternions.html">Quaternions and quaternion Julia sets"</a><br> <a href="qgallery.html">Quaternion Julia sets images gallery"</a><br> </center> </p> <p> Other pages: </p> <p> <center> <a href="author.html">About the author</a><br> <a href="links.html">Links</a><br> <a href="feedback.html">Feedback form</a><br> <a href="signguestbook.html">Sign my guestbook</a><br> <a href="viewguestbook.html">View my guestbook</a><br> </center> </p> <hr size=2> <p><center> This page hosted by <a href=""><img src="/pictures/gc_icon.gif" border=0></a> Get your own <a href="">Free Home Page</a></center></p> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> _uacct = "UA-341971-2"; urchinTracker(); </script> </body> </NOSCRIPT> </html>