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          Welcome to Fable Works, a site dedicates to every Fable.  We strive to be the best and to be the best we need your help to expand our site.  No I'm not talking about donation, but rather simply saying to other fable fan (and non-fable fans) "Hey check out this cool site."  Be sure to look for news updates and join our forums.  Thanks
                                                        The Fable Works Team

Fable Works is Back!!!
Posted: 03.30.04
            More than a month has passed and much has happened.  I would like to say sorry for the lack of updates but things have been a mess.  A new lay out brought to you by Image will be coming up soon as well as many other things.

Fable Works is Expanding
Posted: 02.22.04
            People of the Fable community (and those who aren't) Fable Works is growing.  An IRC channel is being set up: #fableworks.  This channel will be organized by the people here at Fable Works.  So please keep enjoying the site and boards and start enjoying the IRC channel.

Fable Info
Posted: 02.20.04
            News from
xbox.com that parts of the soundtrack will be contributed by Elfman.  Click here for more information.  Lets all hope that the soundtrack will be fitting to the game in grand ways.  Also from the Xbox site is a interview with Peter Molyneux.  The interview can be read here.

News from the Skies, Crimson Skies
Posted: 02.19.04
            Yesterday the Xbox Live dev chat occured.  Word from the Fable community is that little was learned and the main purpose of the event
seemed to only take place to promote Crimson Skies.  Sam has stated that he would like to have another dev chat using different means (probably on IRC).  If that chat takes place it will probably be the last open to the public before the game is released.  Also news from the forums is that the first offical Fable Works RP, called the Void Charm, has started.  Still time to join up and participate in the adventure.  And finally the Fable Works redo is done.  A new banner is up and as you can see more color, closer matching the Forums.

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