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Happy New Year!!!
We would like to wish you a happy 2002!  It's been a really amazing year...Understatement, true, but who thought it could get worse than another Bush in the White House??? 

This year has been a doozy, and the news this year has been astounding, let alone all the exciting happenings in our personal lives.  Adrian and I took some trips, started trippin'...had some parties, went to some parties...met new and exciting people, reconnected with old friends, and disconnected with others (thank God). 

Well, we've officially ended our first year of the 21st century, and while it has been eventful, I'm still waiting for the flying cars, robots, and mod societal uniforms.   

"Knock 'em out the Box" Culici
This website will serve as "Year in Review" without the lame newscaster emoting...mainly because they don't have our photos. 

Actually, it won't...I just have too much time on my hands.

Hope you enjoy!!!
This is Chiana Warner.  My sister, Anjanette and her husband, Brian had her on February 20th.  She has her own webpage too!  You can see her walk at
This was our hamster Rollergirl.  Right before the car accident, our car getting stolen, and my getting punched in the face by that guy, she had to be put to sleep. 

Adrian had a lot of great times with Rollergirl.  Actually, I bought her for me, but she bonded with Adrian. 

In fact, at Adrian's office, some of them didn't even know he was married, but they knew he had a hamster!

She had a good time here and I'm sure she misses all of you.