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New pictures::March 14

Hello! There are new pictures in the latest pictures section, and they're really cool so check them out. Also, the domain may open on Wednesday. We expected it to be next Sunday, but things have moved along faster than expected. Keep checking hilary-online.org if you want to see when we open it.
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New Affiliate::March 14

Hey. Fabulous has a new affiliate, Friendly Obssession [Friends fansite]. Check out her site sometime :)

>>March 11, 2004<<

Hey! So, I haven't updated in 9 days...*cowers* Anyway, I just put up two new 404 error signs because I was too lazy to put anything else up, and some has to be saved for the domain opening, since new media was promised. :D Anyway, that's all for now.

Sharon @ 7:26 PM

Updated 3/11/04

Hey! Sorry that there haven't been too many updates in the past few days, our internet has been going down constantly so that is the main reason. But anyway, I have some new graphics for you. I added 1 enter sign, 1 coming soon sign, and 1 hiatus sign. I also made 2 new calendars, a blend, a new colorized image, and 2 new bookmarks. I will be added 5 PSDS and 4 funny pictures next time, so check back in a day or two for those! Enjoy the stuff. (BTW, the site and the gallery are officially opening March 20 or 21, so that's next week.)

Enter Signs
Hiatus Signs
Other Signs
Colorized Images

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Updated 3/7/04

Hey, Sharon and I made some new graphics. I added mine, and they include a new layout, a calendar, and two new wallpapers. I will also be adding two PSDS soon, so expect those...Sharon should be adding her graphics shortly.

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Updated 3/5/04

Hey, there haven't been many graphics for awhile, so I made a couple of signs. 1 enter sign and a hiatus sign. I will be making lots of graphics soon too, and I really want to make a calendar so...expect those. Also, to let everyone know, Sharon and I are finishing up the reuploading this weekend, but the domain will not open for another 2 weeks because we still have lots of pages to move over and relink. We hope to have a really nice photo gallery and all around site. Also, we have protected the gallery, so you can't access latest pictures right now, but I will fix it once I add some pictures to that page. Enjoy

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>>March 02, 2004<<

Hey, just in case anyone was wondering, or getting tired of the current one, the layout will be changed either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Sharon @ 4:25 PM


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Updated 2/29/04

Hey, sorry I haven't exactly been updating in awhile. I got grounded off of the computer, but I'm back! I found an MTV clip and article about Hilary's new movie, "Heart of Summer." Check the clip out Here and the article out Here. Also, you can read another MTV article about Hilary's upcoming movies Here. I also found an E! Clip that you can watch Here, and finally I have an article about Hilary's "fued" with Lindsay Lohan. (In the Latest Articles section and news section too) Click Here to see. And that's all. ENjoy the stuff!

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