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On The Verge
Ariella Papa
Sliding Doors
Gwyneth Paltrow
Facts of Life:
On the Verge is about living life as a 20-something in today's world.  We've all been there, or we are there...
What's next after College/University?
What do we do with the REST of our life?  Those are serious questions we're facing! 
This novel explores the Fabulous lifestyle of a newly 20-something graduate in New York.  It's fabulous, but it's not easy.  Living in NY, giving up your dreams, working for THE MAN...is this how life is suppose to be? 

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75% worth it for a 1st time novel.
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Track List

Choking on the Truth*
Tango Shoes*
I Love Myself Today*
Stolen Sidewalk
October Songs
You Are My Master
Regular Guy*
Hold On
Story of My Life*

Bonus: I Love Myself Today mix.
* Fabulous Tracks
Bif Naked
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Second Chances:
What if you had a chance to live your life 2 different ways?
Helen did!
In Sliding Doors, Helen (Paltrow) gets a chance to live her life in 2 different paths.
It's funny, romantic, and sweet!
Featuring the Dido track - Thank You!
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This Fabulous Angel passed away 1 year ago, August 25th. 

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