Insects and Misc. Animals
Insects and Misc. Animals
Golden Beetle: an insect, roughly the size of a rhinoceros, which lives in the caverns below the Nest of the Priest Kings in the Sardar Mountains; its prey is the Priest Kings themselves
Gur: thin, white honey like liquid secreted in the Nest by a large, gray domesticated arthropod which feeds on sim plants. When fermented in the social stomachs of somnolent Priest Kings, is ritually fed to the Mother of the Nest on the Feast of Tola
Hinti: small, flea like insects; unlike fleas, they are not parasites
Hith: huge python like snake
Priest Kings: Large intelligent insectoid  creatures which control Gor from their nest/hive in the Sardar Mountain range, only natural enemy is the Golden Beetle which feeds on them by placing them in an almost trance like state with an odor which is hypnotic to the Priest Kings.
Ost: tiny snake, about 12" long, bright orange in color; its venom causes extremely painful death within seconds; the ost of the rain forests inland of Schendi are red with black stripes
Sand Fleas: small parasitic insects found in the Tahari on kaiila and similar creatures.
Slime Worm: a long, slow, blind worm which inhabits the caverns below the Nest in the Sardar; scavenges the remains of the Golden Beetles kills
Swamp Spiders: man sized arachnids which inhabit the swampland near the city of Ar; they can communicate in human speech via the mechanical translators they wear around their abdomens; they spin cur-lon fiber, which is used in the textile mills of Ar
Toos: a crab like organism with overlapping plating; inhabits the Nest and scavenges on discarded fungus spore
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