Cities Of Gor
Cities of Gor
Anango: a large island not far from Schendi. reputed to be the home of the mythical "black wizards" though, in actuality, there is no magic on Gor
Ar: this is the largest and most populous city on Gor. citizens of Ar tend to be the most civilizied and technologically developed Goreans, and Ar is a cultural center. it sets the fashion for most of the cities and is at war with its old enemy, the island Ubarate of Cos Argentum: sister city to Tharna, this is one of the "silver cities" of the north, producing much of the silver used on Gor
Ar's Station: originally established as a river colony and tributory of the Ubarate of Ar, it is a freshwater port town on the Vosk. recently it has seperated from the Ubarate and follows its own political agenda, even allying with the enemies of Ar. considered an ally of Port Cos. the town was conquered by Cosian Invasion forces several years ago, but its Homestone nevertheless was returned to the town
Brundisium: a large city, walled, a saltwater port located on the souhg of the Vosk delta on the shores of Thassa. its port facilities rival even those of Cos and Tyros, and much of the merchandise and supplies which are transported into the landlocked northern interior come through Brundisium. thorugh treachery of her former Ubar, the city of Brundisium, though officially allied with Ar, served as the staging point for the great Cosian Invasion of Ar which took place several years ago. needless to say, Brundisium and Ar are no longer allies.
Corcyrus: a city southwest of Ar, which until recently was ruled by a Tatrix, Sheila of Corcyrus. she was deposed for her tyranny and, after a lengthy war, the fortunes of the city are once again on a rise
Cos: an alliance of several cities which all exist on the island of Cos. it is known for its famous wines and its vast fleets of trading ships, as well as its imperialistic tendencies. it is at war with the city of Ar, and along with its ally the Ubarate of Tyros it is currently at war with Port Kar
Fort Haskins: a smallish fortress town at the edge of the "barrens", vast grasslands northeast of the mountains of Thentis, which guards the trade routes in that region. known for its large contingent of kaiila and tarn calvary, used to resist and suppress raids by the Red Savages which inhabit the barrens
Kassau: a seaport in the far north, southwest of Torvaldsland. though sharing a similar "Urth-nordic" culture with that place, it is far more cultured and civilized. a major trade center of the frigid northern climes of Gor
Ko-ro-ba: also known as the "Towers of Morning," this city was once destroyed by the Priest-Kings but was rebuilt. like Ar, the culture of Ko-ro-ba is similar, but its citizens are known for their love of independence. this city has many fine warriors. Ko-ro-ba is at a semi-war status with Treve
Lara: walled northern city-state allied with, Ko-ro-ba, which occupies the strategic juncture of the Vosk and Olni rivers. a freshwater port, it is otherwise typical of the mighty walled settlements of central civilized Gor. known for its skilled Warriors, excellent sailors, and superbly trained slaves
Laura: a rough frontier town located on the Laurius River, upriver from Lydius. it serves as a staging point for the transportation of bulk goods such as lumber and furs. a favored trade town for the various outlaws and woodsmen of the northern forests
Lydius: a northern free port, neutrally alligned. governed by Merchant Law rather than civil law, and loyal to no Ubarate. located at the juncture of the Laurius River and Thassa. a large trading town, it handles much of the distribution of the raw materials harvested from the great northern forests, and is a major supply port for both northern and southern shipping
Port Cos: a freshwater river port town on the Vosk, originally established as a river colony and tributory of the Ubarate of Cos. recently it split from the Ubarate, now following its own political agenda. Port Cos is considered an ally of Ar's Station
Port Kar: a port city located on the shores of the Tamber Gulf, at the costal edge of Thassa. its precise location is open for conjecture, as it guards its privacy tenaciously. surrounded on the landward side by the vast Vosk Delta Marshes, it is virtually inaccesible except by ship or tarn back. known as a den of pirates and thieves, its raiding fleets are among the most feared on Gor. squalid, decadent and often lawless. Free Companionship does not exist here
Port Olni: a large freshwater port on the Olni River, which is a tributory of the mighty Vosk River. walled and well defended, it guards the mouth of the Olni where it meets the Vosk. a member of the Salerian Confederation
Schendi: mighty seaport/riverport which exists on the edge of the subequatorial rainforests and jungle regions of Gor. a free city, goverened by Merchant Law. the primary city of the black tribesmen of Schendi, and home of the League of Black Slavers. due to its strategic position at the mouth of the Cartius River, it is a major center for the various spices, raw material and trade goods of the jungle regions
Tabor: once of the other "exchange islands," south of Teletus, goverened by Merchant law, a free port, and allied to no Ubarate
Teletus: the largest of the central "exchange islands," governed by Merchant Law. a free port, allied to no Ubarate
Tharna: once controlled by a total gynocracy, it is still governed by a Tatrix(female ruler). the male portion of the population has long since regained control over the city, with the Tatrix as the exception, Tharna is ruled almost entirely by men. most of the female population is made up of slaves. very few Free Women live here since the capturing of one Tatrix, and men getting their control back. Tharna is known for its silver mines and production of metal. Tharnan men wear blue helmets and all Tharnan Men wear two yellow cords in their belts for binding slaves
Thentis: a fortress city in the mountains of Thentis. possessed of some agriculture, particularly the export of wool from its goat-like mountain hurts and its export of beans to make blackwine. also famed for its great tarn flocks, which are indigenous to the mountains of Thentis. most of the tarns on Gor are bred here. Thentis may be at war with Treve
Ti: walled river city situated on the Olni River north of Tharna. it is the seat of the of the Salerian Confederation, an alliance of four cities dedicated to the restriction of imperialism and piracy on the Olni River. known for its superb Warriors
Tor: the largest and most populous of the desert city states of Gor. located in the far south, to the northeast of Turia, at the edge of the vast Tahari wasteland. it is a major trade center and the focal point of hundreds of desert caravan routes. it is also a cultural center for the Tahari tribesmen, providing bulk goods to and from the desert regions
Torcadino:a walled city-state like Vonda. recently it served as a mercenary stronghold during the Ar/Cos conflict. occupies a position of great strategic importence in the central north
Torvaldsland: not actually a city, but a scattered group of settlements in the far north. Torvaldslanders are like Vikings of Urth during the early medieval period. the denziens are superb sailors and have rough mannerisms
Treve: a hidden city in the Voltai mountains, accesible only by tarnback. it has little or no agriculture, existing solely on raiding and warfare. known for its fierce independence, its love for warfare, and superb tarnsmen. currently at war with practically everyone, notably Ko-ro-ba. many years ago it was the target of a retributory tarn strike by the forces of Ar, which was the largest and bloodiest tarn battle in the history of Gor. thousands of tarnsmen clashed in aerial battle for days. it ended in a draw. Ar did not pierce the defenses of Treve, but Treve suffered terrible casualties in fending them off. both cities have no desire to repeat the battle. Treve no longer raids territories of Ar
Turia: often referred to as the "Ar of the south," it is the largest of the southern cities. a walled city of the southern coastal plains, it is an opulent trade center. once conquered by the nomadic Wagon Peoples, but has long since been rebuilt
Tyros: an alliance of several cities on the island of Tyros. known for its great fleets of raiding ships. with its ally of Cos, Tyros is at war with Port Kar
Victoria: a freshwater port on the Olni River, which is a tributory of the mighty Vosk River. a thriving river town which was instrumental in the defeat of the Vosk Pirates years ago. a member of the Vosk League, which is nineteen river towns united against river piracy on the Vosk
Vonda: a fairly large port city on the Olni River which took part in a disastrous territorial war against Ar several years ago. now rebuilt, it is known for its production and training of male gladitorial fighting slaves, therefore making it a large gladitorial center. Free Women are well-recieved there and several of the training houses are owned by such Free Wome
Adapted from Byron's HP with his knowledge and permission
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