Gettin closer
I'm ready to annoy some neighbors
It is running. sounds mean w/ no exhaust. could somebody send me some more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I can't afford a water pump and Acc.   
Remote mount oil filter hoses to cooler.
This is a magnum mini starter $120.00  I have had some trouble with it. first due to space constraints I needed to turn it. when I tore it apart it looked terrible inside. I should not have put it on. I did and it lasted maybe 2 min cranking. maybe 5 tries at starting 15 sec each try. DEAD.    I have a good rebuilder who cleaned it up and so far so good I did have a solenoid die instantly. I have enough room to R&R the starter easily. A stock starter would not fit with the engine fitted in the forward mount position. ( I had cut on the rear mounting block of the starter to clear my headers voiding all warranties)