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This would be one of the best Police Chat Forums to be found on the net. It is not the busiest nor the most popular, but it is friendly, welcoming and moderated to allow freedom of expression, but definitely no flaming or hostility. The forum only began in early 2001, but has well over 1000 members, and growing daily.

Topics are varied, covering interests in policing as well as the most popular "Water Cooler" section where members can discuss everything from the cost of living to Grandpa's arthritis.

There is a section for humour, a section to discuss terrorism and an area especially set up to allow people to ask Police questions.

It is an International Forum with both Members and Moderators from all around the world.

Unlike many chat forums which are full of sexual innuendos, obscene language, hostile arguments and so on.... this forum is unique in being a friendly and relaxed area for both Police and their friends to mix.

Also available to members is a chat room where you can chat live as a group or one-on-one in private discussion.

Take a look.... You will be made welcome.
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