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Ok in case you didn’t know or haven’t noticed this page and web site is dedicated to Right Knowledge and the study of NUWAUBU as taught by The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York. My name is Kahlil-El and I am a student of H.T.M.(Holy Tabernacle Ministries) and am willing to discuss HTM with anyone who is interested. First let me clear a few things up now by saying that the Holy Tabernacle Ministries is NOT a religion. By ‘Holy’ we mean pure, untampered with, undiluted, and that is what the facts must remain. By ‘Tabernacle’ we mean a tent, or enclosure and by ‘Ministries’ we mean teachings as in administering the facts. Also The Holy Tabernacle Ministries does not discriminate between Age, Sex, Ethnic background, "Race", Nationality, etc. We are NOT racist. We don't play that awful game! In our newspaper edition of "Saviors Day" 1995 a variety of "races'" pictures can be found. Not to mention the fact that I MYSELF have been to SAVIORS DAY 1996 and have seen Asians, Caucasians, Hispanics, Native Americans, all coexisting and having a good time together in PEACE. So put simplyThe Holy Tabernacle Ministries is a place where people gather together who want the hardcore facts and it is also a place where people work as a community or common-unity towards shared goals which are breaking the hypnotic spell of ignorance also known as the spell of kingu or spell of sleep and total re-alignment with El Kuluwm(The All) to name a *few*.

"No one wins the race in racism!"-Dr. Malachi Z. York

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