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Hey everybody, it's Julia! *muah* This is my magnificent (or pretty damn close) fanfiction website. My own little corner of the world wide web, and you (yes, you!) have been suckered into it. But don't worry, however much it sucks now, it'll suck a little less soon. See, what I hafta do is re-type ALL my old stories and put them in the right place and everything. It's difficult, but I believe I can eventually do it. And maybe I might be adding some quizzes and other fun stuff for random funness. Ya never know! But for now this is JUST a fanfiction site. It always will be, unless I get a better idea, and we all know what happens when I get a better idea... So, just look around. Click the category of story you want to read (ie. If you want to read a Seseme Street story, you will go to the Seseme street category. But there isn't one so too bad for you!). Read the descriptions of all the stories, and pick the one that sounds the best. Then read it, and after you're done, sign the guestbook for the story. Remember, some of them (most of them) are novel-type stories, and a minimum of one chapter will be up. And if you want to submit a story, look for the page that says so. That's it for now. Later!